Jon stogie

14 year and 2nd generation law enforcement officer. I started shooting pistols at in 2001 at age 21. I started shooting USPSA in 2006 and shot local club matches until 2008 when I took time off to focus on my family and becoming debt-free. In 2014 I started shooting USPSA again after attending a training with Ron Avery who rekindled the fire and drive to succeed.

My main focus is Production division with the occasional drift into Singlestack division. I recently became a member of The Blue Bullets Shooting Team which I am honored and humbled to be a part of.

I spend most of my days dry firing or hitting the range to train and love every minute of it. This site is my personal training diary/blog thing, if you like it please feel free to keep coming back.

USPSA number A56236.  DVC