Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 06/25/2017

Club match with the Sioux Falls Practical Shooters club in Brandon, SD. Took 2 new guys to the match with me, it was their first match. It was a preacher and his son, and I think they had a good time and will probably be back at some point.

Forgot to squad on Practiscore, so ended up in squad 5 with Sherwyn and Nick, and a bunch of new guys. Brandon somehow ended up on 5 also.



The Blue Bullets Shooting Team

Today I am honored and humbled to be a new member of The Blue Bullets Shooting Team.  This is my first sponsor and I will be forever grateful for them for giving me the opportunity to represent a company that has become a industry leader in coated bullets.  I love shooting, and I love the shooting community.

Still alive and kicking

I know that I haven’t been posting much, and that isn’t because I haven’t been dry-firing or training it is just my job has been in the way as this is our busiest time of the year. I will try to post a bit more often but I don’t know if it will be as often as it was this summer.

Today I managed to make it to the range to actually train on my own without having to train another officer or person. I have been increasing my dry-fire to ridiculous levels and felt good about my reloads and my hands at side draw.

When I got to the range it was crazy windy so it was a pain in the butt to move my targets around too much as I have to stake them in place every time I move them. I started with Ben Stoeger’s Accelerator. Last year at this time I was having difficulty breaking 6 seconds, now I can get under that consistently, and I have been able to push under 5.5 seconds. Doesn’t matter which target I start on the close target or the far target. When pushing for my fastest times, I do tend to push the couple of C’s a bit farther from the A zone than I would like at the 25 yard target. It is a trigger control issue and not a sight picture issue, I need to work on my speed for far targets as I still slap the trigger like I would for a 7 yard target. (more…)

1.5 years with CZ’s

I have run CZ SP-01 Shadows in USPSA Production division for a year and a half now and here are my thoughts and a comparison to other firearms.

If you have been following my blog you may already know that my primary match gun is a CZ Custom SP-01 Accu-shadow with blue Shooting Sports Innovation Scale grips that I have nicknamed “Blue”, and my dryfire/practice/backup gun is a standard CZ SP-01 Shadow that I did the work to and it has the same SSI Scale grips in red, nicknamed “Red”.

The only changes that I have done to Blue to improve on upon what CZ Custom has done is some additional polishing to the trigger components, but the trigger work from CZ Custom was really good. I switched out the sights to a Dawson front sight and removed the HAJO rear and put in a factory Shadow sight. I also replaced the thumb safeties and slide stop with the RAMI style thin safties and stop as I don’t use the safety in Production division and my thumb sits much higher and doesn’t rest on the safety. I put in a heavier recoil spring, as I noticed some battering to the recoil guide rod with the 11 pound that came with the gun, so it currently runs a 12 pound. Blue currently runs an 11.5 pound mainspring from Cajun Gun Works which is another reason for upping the recoil spring weight. Current double action weight is 5.5 pounds and the single action weight is 2.0 pounds.  (more…)