Something naughty

Tonight I was a naughty boy and instead of strapping on the singlestack I threw my production rig on.  Felt so good!  I love the way my Shadows with the Scales fit my hands.  Keep thinking of the Posi-tec grips for the 1911 as they are the closest thing to the Scales.  

I feel more comfortable and confident with my Shadows.  Reloads were smooth, draw still good.  Practiced some body positioning and movement.  Just felt better than with the Singlestack guns.  Shadows are definitely my favorite guns I have ever shot.  Not even planning on “upgrading” to the Shadow 2.   


Back at it

Last night when I got off shift I went home and grabbed the 1911 and belt and ran around in the basement going pretend pew pew.  I put a thinner front sight on the Kimber a .090 and so far I am liking it.  Ran around practicing with mini stages, programming and moving my big butt. Focusing on gripping hard through a stage also.  Lasted about an hour.

This morning woke up and ran around for an hour doing the same thing.  Definitely more fun that stand and shoot stuff, but I really need some more room as I can only move a few steps in the basement.  Can’t wait until the snow melts and I can go dryfire and train with more movement in my backyard.

6 more hours until I get off shift and do it again.

A week of nothing

No shooting, no dryfire, nothing.  Work was slow for a change so I decided that my personal life would be like work and took a break.  Back to the grind tonight after my shift.  Not really focusing on the shooting part, just running around with the gun.  Getting in and out of positions, changing directions, etc.  Wish it didn’t snow so I could run cone drills in the backyard.

Trigger control

Spent the day cleaning brass, and loading ammo. Loaded a total of 3000 rounds with the Mark 7, love that machine. Was going to fill up a second bucket of loaded ammo and got a good start, but then I went to the range tonight and burned up a decent amount of ammo so the second bucket looks sad.


Would have preferred going to the outdoor range, but the road to the range is a muddy mess and I didn’t want to be the guy that tore it up. Weather is supposed to turn to cold and snowy again over the next week. Was thinking of going to the match on March 5th in Omaha. It looks like the weather isn’t going to cooperate, but I will keep an eye on it.   (more…)

Finally made it to the range again

I attempted to hit the range Tuesday night after work but found that my keycard didn’t work. After contacting one of the board members and man in charge, I was told that the keycard access doesn’t work from 11pm to 5am. This doesn’t help when I was planning on going after work and I get off at 2am. So I have to make different plans. I really prefer to go after work as if I go before work I will always be watching the clock.

Left work at 9:30pm on Thursday to head to the range. Got there at just before 10 and setup three targets a little wider than the standard setup spacing of a yard apart. I decided to try out CM03-18 High Standards as it is actually a good practice classifier. High hit factor is pretty sporty and your gun handling has to be on point. For Production division the HHF is 8 and for Singlestack it is 8.93. So if all A’s you have to shoot it in 15 seconds in Production and just over 13 seconds for Singlestack. Minor for SS doesn’t help.