SFPS – 07/09/17 Match review

Went to Sioux Falls last weekend for a match. It turned into a very hot day but it was fun none the less. The guys that are setting up the stages are very understandably getting frustrated about being the only ones that setup, I wish I could assist more, but sometimes I have to work. Brandon and I got squadded together and asked to RO. Neither of us are RO’s but we said yes. When we actually started shooting, Randy was suddenly on our squad and he also did some of the RO stuff.

I got a new belt in the mail on Saturday, so that evening I set it up and moved some things around including dropping the holster on the mount and straightening my first 2 mag pouches to a more vertical position. So I had a couple issues with a clean draw stroke, but mag changes were still fine.First stage we shot was a standards style stage, with strong hand and weak hand components. I just told myself to watch the sights and press the trigger cleanly, and to aim a bit farther from the no shoots than normal. Transitions still need more speed, but I shot the stage fairly clean.  I did shag a no shoot/mike by missing the perf by about a quarter inch. PCC and Open ruled the day on that stage. I still have work to do with strong and weak hand only.

Second stage was the classifier, CM 03-03 Take ‘Em Down. Shot it well, and it resulted in a 98.22% hit factor. I didn’t try to burn it down I wanted points and dropped 1 C. I made sure to exit the box and move as soon as the last shot broke on paper, as soon as I was in the far box I was engaging the steel. It could have been a disaster but I just watched my sights and shot. When done I didn’t think it was anything spectacular and felt slow, but that is now 2 classifiers that I have shot over 95% that I thought felt “slow”, maybe there is something to just shooting consistently.

Third stage was a speed shoot. I took high overall which surprised me, but my reload and pickup were good. My transitions were slower than I would have liked, but again I only dropped 1 C.

Fourth stage and the third in a row that I only dropped 1 C. I shot it fairly fast, but I need to use my legs when running and increase my stride to cover more ground faster. I tend to take smaller steps than necessary when moving and on this stage it shows. I am 6’3″ with a 34 inch inseam, I need to stop running like I have a 22 inch inseam. Gaining my weight back may have caused me to slow down between positions. Not that I was ever fast, but I can feel it. Need to start eating better and working out.

Fifth stage of the day was a “memory” stage.  It really wasn’t that bad, I shot it the same way as Randy just with more reloads.  I shot it slower than I would have liked, but my programming was pretty solid, with just one little bobble at the beginning.  Also too many delta’s.  Two were on a 15-20 yard target that I just slapped the hell out of the trigger on and the last was on the last target which I didn’t call or use my sights for.

Last stage involved a seated start, with 20 yard poppers. Needed a makeup shot on the popper which delayed my movement. Then I almost forgot to reload for the next array until I was half way across the stage. Luckily again I was running like I have tiny legs so I got the reload done in plenty of time. The rest of the stage had a million no shoots that were really tight. I just watched my sights and shot, on the second to last array there was a really tight no shoot and I called a bad shot to a D zone and made it up managing to avoid shooting the white targets!

While I was ROing stage 1, I had to DQ the guy that rode down to the match with me for breaking the 180. Luckily he was cool about it.

This weekend I am shooting the Top Cop 3-gun match in Canton. Should be interesting. I normally don’t shoot 3-gun as I don’t have a semi shotgun or a rifle that it setup for 3-gun. Luckily I am in the Cop division and I have to shoot a duty style gun, a pump shotgun and a patrol style rifle with no magnified optics and I have all of those! Busted out my pimped 870, my beater AR and my ancient and well used and abused Glock 17. Using an Eagle duty belt my Dad gave me, some cheap pistol mag pouches and an AR15 mag pouch that Dominic at Brotherhood Arms hooked me up with for the match.  My holster is a Safariland GLS Pro-fit on a redneck engineered drop rig.  Only problem I have is the Glock has no fiber front, so not quite as fast.





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