2017 Great Plains Sectional

Tim, Brandon and I went down to the Great Plains Sectional just outside of Omaha, NE on Saturday. Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters is a good club with good people, well organized and put on good matches with challenging stages.

Weather forecast for Sunday was 30% chance of rain and 88+ degrees so I didn’t bring my rain jacket or umbrella. We got wet, drizzling rain with intermittent bursts of solid rain so constant wetness. We started on the bottom bays at stage 3 until lunch then went up to 9 and shot the last 5 stages on the top bays.

They asked for a shooter to vounteer to be the first shooter and I volunteered.

Stage 3 – Angles – 26A, 1C, 1NS – 22.10 seconds – light drizzle

This stage would have been an amazing start to the match but I hit a no shoot on the first target on the second position. Low port with a partial no shoot, totally my fault and I know what to work on. Made it up quickly and moved on. If I didn’t shag the no shoot I would have gotten second on the stage.  I have no complaints of the stage plan or most of my movement on the stage. So for practice: low ports with hard entry/partials.

Stage 4 – Aiming – 19A, 4C, 1D, 1M, 2NPM – 25.21 seconds – light drizzle

No third person video unfortunately. This stage I decided to forgo shooting the points for the disappearing targets which were required to be activated, but only before the range is clear command. I shot everything and then calmly walked over to the activator and triggered it. I don’t know if my hit factor would have been different if I shot the activator or not. I shot a miss on swinger which sucked. If I could have managed to not shoot the swinger I think I would have won the stage. Practice = swingers some how as I don’t have one.

Stage 5 – Choice – 22A, 6C, 1D – 25.66 seconds – steady rain and bagged targets

A couple of small movement mistakes and I could have shot better points but wasn’t too bad. Stage plan was decent, but there were so many different ways to shoot it.

Stage 1 – Plated – 23A, 1C – 20.97 seconds – steady rain and bagged targets

Shot the stage okay, but didn’t go one for one on the steel and I think I would have changed up my stage plan a bit.  I over stepped my second position and had to lean back to hit a target on the second position. Wish I had access to a plate rack and some poppers by myself and an afternoon with a bucket of ammo.

Stage 2 – Runaround – 23A, 1C – 20.56 seconds – drizzling and bagged targets

Shot this pretty well, took second. Need to continue to work on entering gaps in walls quickly and while flowing through.

Then the AD. Dirk somehow fired a round when holstering during the Make Ready command. The bullet went into his pant, out of his pant, and in again. Somehow he didn’t hit his foot or leg or Sherwyn’s leg or foot as he was RO-ing. Sobering moment and was pretty distracting the rest of the day as everyone kept thinking of it. Plus then we had lunch and it got discussed several times.

Stage 9 – Bridge – 30A, 7C – 35.93 seconds – raining and bagged targets

Had an okay stage plan that involved leaning pretty deep into the breaks in the wall, but I didn’t test it wearing my belt. Holster and pouches hung up and it wasn’t as easy to get deep because of it. I also moved across the bridge like a bitch as it was wet. Need to practice on wobbly platforms.

Stage 10 – Classic Standards – 11A, 3C, 2NS, 2M – 14.66 seconds – stopped raining and unbagged targets

It all falls apart. Instead of shooting to my sights, I attempted to hero it and instead I almost zeroed it. No excuse, I just didn’t shoot in match mode. Dumb, my fault.

Stage 6 – Move It – 27A, 6C, 1D – 20.78 seconds – sun came out and it got hot

Shot it well, my shooting on the move practice has helped. Didn’t like that I shot a delta. Went one for one on the steel.  Need to work on reloading the gun when really running hard.

Stage 7 – Barricade Speed Shoot – 11A, 1C – 7.73 seconds

First side of the barricade was good, reload was okay, trigger freeze on the first target, then A/D on the next, I called the D and immediately made it up.  Lost about .5 second because of the bobbles.

Stage 8 – Quick Steel – 8.17 seconds

Missed the grip on the draw and attempting to burn it down caused a bunch of makeups and a reload.  Horrible way to finish out a match.

Match was good. Feel bad that we didn’t stick around to help tear down, but Brandon and I had a 4.5 hour drive home and Tim needed his nap.  Rain sucked, all were thinking of what happened to Dirk.  Just not my finest match.  Managed 3rd Production and 1st Master, but was not a great performance in the second half.




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