Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 06/25/2017

Club match with the Sioux Falls Practical Shooters club in Brandon, SD. Took 2 new guys to the match with me, it was their first match. It was a preacher and his son, and I think they had a good time and will probably be back at some point.

Forgot to squad on Practiscore, so ended up in squad 5 with Sherwyn and Nick, and a bunch of new guys. Brandon somehow ended up on 5 also.

Started on stage 4, I forgot to ask someone to video so I only had my GoPro video for that stage. It was 3 per paper, and some awkward short movements. My transitions and grip needed work and my movement could have been more explosive. Took first in Production and seventh overall, getting beaten by the Open guys.

Moved to stage 5, which was all steel and while I won it in Production division I had more make ups than I wanted. Need to clean that up. My first position was pretty rough and when I knew I had to reload I started to move, but still had the two plates on the right rack to drop. Need to clean up my trigger pull on steel and speed up my transitions between plates. I went faster on the second side of the bay on the steel because I got a better grip after the reload. Seventh overall.

Stage 1, had a slight memory component to it. Robert Olson was the stage designer, it had a bit of everything to it and could be shot multiple different ways. I liked it. I could have programmed it better. Some hesitation in the middle shooting areas, should have started backing out of position 1 while engaging the partial. First production, seventh overall.

Stage 2 started smoothing out. Shot the stage okay, a bit of hesitation on the first target entering the shooting box, and first I engaged in the port. Shooting on the move was better than it has been, but could be moving faster I think and still get good hits. Time was decent but could have had some better points. Eighth overall and first Production.

Stage 3 was the last stage of the day, and Randy and Pete said that nobody else had any ideas for it so they decided to make it as screwed up as they could. Cooper tunnel, dual drop turners with the same drop speed, and a swinger. Second overall and first Production.

Need to keep working on shooting on


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