2017 Mile High Showdown


Drove out to Colorado for the 2017 Mile High Showdown at Ben Lomond Gun Club in rural Eastern Colorado.  Stayed at the Coyote Motel Limon, in Limon Co which was about 30 minutes away from the range, but 1.5 hours from Colorado Springs or Denver and the area is light on entertainment.  The range is at much higher elevation than I am used to and it was supposed to be hot, so I spent an extra day in Colorado Springs to get used to doing activities in less air.

I arrived to my hotel around 6pm local time and found that it was as advertised; low-budget, but clean and a place to sleep.  The next morning I loaded up and headed to Colorado Springs to do some tourist shit.  First I went to Garden of the Gods, then the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the National museum of WW2 Aviation.  When finished it was time to drive the 1.5 hours back to the range.

I looked at the stages and the concept was interesting.  12 stages, but in only used 6 bays. After the first six the stages are changed to the second configuration for the day.  This changes shooting areas, targets added or subtracted, and start positions changed.  It was a brilliant idea to minimize staffing needs and presented multiple challenges.

Match day, I felt good.  It got hot, lots of people whined about the heat.  I liked it as it was very low humidity so it really wasn’t bad like here.  I drank a crap load of water and stayed very well hydrated. I shot okay, slower than I should have on some serious memory stages. The first stage of the day for me was the most memory intensive of the lot.  I finished the match in 3rd Production.  I know that I shot slower than I should have.  I didn’t push my splits and my transitions were far slower than they should have been.  Tried keeping moving where I could and shot pretty accurately. I did shoot 2 no shoots, but made both of them up and only had 20 points in penalties for the match.

Stage 8 was a stage win for me, tried to just shoot consistant through the match.  Had a lot of fun and shot with some good guys including a Blue Bullets Team member.

Loved the mountain scenery of Co Springs but hated how crowded it was.  Eastern Colorado was gorgeous, the rolling hills of pasture land reminded me of home only with hills.


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