Month: June 2017

Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 06/25/2017

Club match with the Sioux Falls Practical Shooters club in Brandon, SD. Took 2 new guys to the match with me, it was their first match. It was a preacher and his son, and I think they had a good time and will probably be back at some point.

Forgot to squad on Practiscore, so ended up in squad 5 with Sherwyn and Nick, and a bunch of new guys. Brandon somehow ended up on 5 also.



2017 Mile High Showdown


Drove out to Colorado for the 2017 Mile High Showdown at Ben Lomond Gun Club in rural Eastern Colorado.  Stayed at the Coyote Motel Limon, in Limon Co which was about 30 minutes away from the range, but 1.5 hours from Colorado Springs or Denver and the area is light on entertainment.  The range is at much higher elevation than I am used to and it was supposed to be hot, so I spent an extra day in Colorado Springs to get used to doing activities in less air.


SS Nats, Area 5, and training

Shot SS Nats, did okay.  43rd overall and 2nd B Class.  Shot in match mode, made a couple of boneheaded mistakes and shagged a couple no shoots and mikes.  They were for the most part on a mover target I have never shot before and I did stupid crap with.  No gun issues, it ran perfect.  Didn’t get much on video as my card in the GoPro was apparently too slow of a read/write speed.

At Area 5, I didn’t really watch the sights like I should have and definitely didn’t pull the trigger properly.  Thus lots of misses, Deltas and stupid mistakes.  4th Master, and 15th overall.  I can shoot so much better than that!!

Got in a lot of practice in the last week, worked on a bunch of shooting on the move and trigger control.  We will see if it pays off at the Mile High Showdown this weekend.

Sorry for not posting more, but busy with other things.