14 May 2017 SF Practical Shooters

I know I haven’t been posting much, but work has been busy and life is just getting in the way. I still haven’t made it outside for a true training session, but hopefully that can start after next week. Also haven’t been dry firing as much as I should due to some personal issues relating to my father-in-law and his cancer.

Also my department has been pushing toward accreditation and thus I have spent more time in front of a computer than I would like in the last year, so it makes it a bit tough to want to come on here and write about shooting as I am fried mentally. The audit starts Sunday when the Superclassifier in Sioux Falls is scheduled, but luckily I only have to be in on Monday for the last bit of it, so I still get to shoot the classifier match. The auditors leave on Tuesday morning, and I hope we get it, fingers crossed.

This was the last club match shooting Singlestack before SS Nationals this weekend. I leave early Thursday morning and shoot on Friday, drive back Saturday and shoot the Superclassifier on Sunday.

First stage I shot okay, could have been faster, could have done things a bit better especially the attempting to shoot the poppers on the move.  Was a little sloppy on the draw and should have moved my big butt faster.  6th overall on the stage and 1st Singlestack.  First shooter on the first stage, no jitters, just stepped up and shot.  Only thing that I was hoping for at this match is that the gun would run.

Second stage was a crap load of steel, with some racks and poppers.  First array I shot I had one makeup on the second popper which caused me to go to slide lock, and as each array was 8 shots, slide lock was inevitable again.  Second position I shot well, but left one popper standing.  I called the shot, and moved on, I know I hit it, but turned out to just be an edge hit so it didn’t fall.  Last array, I had way too many make ups on a plate which forced a standing reload.  13th overall on this stage, and 1st Singlestack.  Need to give the steel the attention it deserves!

Third stage was 1 shot per paper on the far array, a mandatory reload, and drop to prone on a wooden platform and 1 per paper on the low targets.  The low targets were tightly overlapped, so the transitions were not smooth from one target to the next. I shot the far array decently except for a slow transition to the last target which had a necessary lean to shoot. I dropped to prone like an old man.  If it would have been to the ground I would have just planted my support hand and kicked out my legs and basically slammed to the ground, but as it was a wood platform and you couldn’t have any part touching the ground I played it a bit safer.  That and knowing I had Nats this weekend, I didn’t want a large splinter in my knee or some other injury.  Still managed an overall stage win.

Fourth stage was okay, but could have been better.  I started with a light primer strike on the first array, which again caused me to not have the one extra round and brought me to slide lock on each reload. The light primer strike was probably a not fully seated primer, as these rounds were not inspected or case gauged like my Nats ammo. The primer had a good mark, so I am guessing it would have gone off if I attempted to shoot it again.  Third array I tossed a mike on a paper target.  Last array was a couple of smaller poppers and a texas star. I had two makeups on the poppers, so I did a standing reload for the star and cleaned that. Still not too bad for me.  6th overall, and first Singlestack.

Last stage of the day, I tried to go monkey shit on it and screwed myself.  I shot too soon on the first target, and called a miss on the paper.  So after shooting the rest of the array, I gave it a make up shot which I really didn’t need as I didn’t have a miss.  The rest of the stage went okay, but was slower than it should have been as I screwed around too much with the first array. This is why consistency is more important than trying to go faster in a match, ended up with 2nd in Singlestack and 12th overall.  Easily wasted the 2 seconds I was behind by trying to go faster!

Finished the match 6th Overall and 1st in Singlestack, not my finest match.

After this weekend it is back to Production division and I am really looking forward to it.  I miss 10 rounds in the mag and soft shooting 9mm.  Most of all I miss my Shadows, they feel sooooo good! I am looking forward to SS Nationals, but ready to put the 1911 in the safe and retire it, probably for good.


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