It’s alive! I hope.


Not that impressed with the AFTEC at least in my gun. I bought it and fit it per the instructions. I fit the firing pin stop to .002″ and broke the edges. I installed it without the springs to see how easily it moved and everything seemed good. I put both springs in and installed it. When I tested the tension, I found that it wouldn’t hold a round against if I slightly shook the slide. The round would just fall out.

So I took it to the range and shot about 75 to 100 rounds and it worked, so I thought it was good. When shooting the match the problem of not enough tension reared it’s ugly head. The round would extract as the hook of the extractor would grab the case, but because there wasn’t enough tension to hold the brass against the breachface, the next round in the magazine would push the extracting round up in the slide. Which caused it to ride over the ejector, and then the slide would go forward and start to load the next round. Sometimes a tap and rack would clear it, but if it didn’t I would have to strip the magazine to clear it.

So after I got home I ripped it apart and no matter what I did the AFTEC wouldn’t allow the hook to move into the slide any further. So I had to physically adjust the AFTEC by putting the hook end in a padded vise and using a hammer to adjust it. After I put it back together I tested the tension and it was much better. I ran a bunch of dummy rounds through the gun, racking the slide quickly and slowly, with and without a magazine in the gun and they all extracted and ejected.

Hit the range after work and put 500 plus rounds through her to test the tweaks I made to the extractor. No failures of any kind. Shot it strong hand only, weak hand only, upside down, intentionally limp wristing, with no mag in the gun, and with my thumb pushing against the slide to slow it down and it kept running. So fingers crossed!

I still have a couple of conventional extractors on the way to me just in case.


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