23 April 2017 SF Practical Shooters

Have you ever been so pissed off at your gun you wanted to throw it in the berm and use someone else’s gun to put it out of it’s misery? After the extractor broke at the last match in Omaha, I bought an AFTEC extractor and installed it in my gun. I thought the tension was a bit weak but it seemed to run in the limited testing I was able to do before this match. I was wrong!

First stage of the day had no issues with the extractor and ended up taking third overall on the stage. Got beat by a PCC shooter and an Open shooter. Stage plan went well and my hits were good. I could see from the video that the draw was a bit off and there was some trigger freeze on a couple of targets.  

Next stage was where the gun’s issues reared its ugly head. First array I had a malfunction which ended up being a double feed. I took more time than I should have to clear it as I wanted to see what happened. Not enough tension as the round slid up and over the ejector and then the next round tried to feed. Watching the video showed that I lost about 10 seconds from the malfunction and another second or two on the standing slide lock reload that the malfunction forced.

Decided to try the gun again on the next stage, but my confidence was not great. Sure enough, 2 more malfunctions and another 10 seconds added to my time. Wasn’t pretty but I still managed to get through the stage. After showing clear I was a little pissed off and chucked my mags in my cart and walked away for a minute.

I went and found Fred and Randy and cleared switching to the backup gun, aka Timmy’s Well Lubed Trojan.

The next stage went much better, but I did make a glaring mistake. On the plate rack I didn’t properly call the last plate and started to move and reload. I stopped, finished the reload and shot it down. It didn’t effect my stage plan but I lost a couple of seconds on the stage because of it.

Last stage of the day and I just said the hell with it, time to burn it down! I pushed myself to full speed mode and shot it as fast as I could. I shot two misses and called both but I was already moving on and didn’t care. Ended up shooting it only 2 seconds slower than the fastest guys in Limited and Open. Sure it could have been better, but it was fun as hell!

Ended up finishing the match 1st place out of 4 singlestack shooters and 11th overall. I played with Practiscore Competitor and if I subtracted the 20 seconds that the malfunctions caused I would have placed 7th overall.

Movement was much better at this match than the last two. I was more relaxed and less tactical turtle and my stage plans went much better. Much more accurate on the steel with far less make up shots. Just have to get the gun running properly!

Got home and screwed with the AFTEC. Even running both springs, I couldn’t get enough tension so I put it in my vise and tapped the claw end with a hammer and increased the tension the hard way. Seems much better now but tomorrow night at the indoor range will be the true test.

Stupid 1911, I miss my Shadows.


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