Some new grips for the Singlestack


Carla told me to pull the trigger and order the Techwell PosiTec grips as I wanted to try and get the gun to feel more like my Shadows with the Shooting Sports Innovations Scale grips. I hadn’t gotten to feel them on a gun, so if I didn’t like them I could sell them or return them. In prep I had pulled the top grip bushings from the gun yesterday so the gun was ready as the top need to be replaced with slim bushings.


Pretty close to the Scale grips. I wish that there were Scales for the 1911!

Ordered on Monday and they arrived today. I ran to the Post Office and picked them up as soon as they sorted the packages.

Removed the grips from the box and ensured that the accessories were also packed. I set the grips on the frame and instantly knew that they were a great fit for me. I quickly Loc-tited the new slim bushings to the top and installed the grips and did about an hour of dry fire. Index was solid and the gun feels much more natural in my hands. The rear of the grips is pretty square, so I am going to slightly round off the bottom right part of the grip where it flairs back out.

After weighing the gun, I found I could add about an ounce to each grip and still stay under the 43 ounce maximum weight. The PosiTecs come with some lead shot to allow you to mix into some epoxy and put it in recesses in the grips to bump up the weight on the gun. I didn’t have any 2 part epoxy other than good old JB Weld. Not the prettiest but it is now sitting and curing with just over 1 ounce per grip. The gun will weigh just around 42 ounces when finished curing.


These grips are awesome.


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