She is alive!!


My pew pew is back up and running.  After the extractor breaking at the last Omaha match, I somehow broke a grip screw off in the bushing.  So new extractor, grip screws, and grip screw bushings.  Grips are tight again, and the gun functions properly with a new extractor.  I installed an AFTEC which was almost drop in.

Built some wall panels for training at the outdoor range.  6′ by 4′ PVC frame and snow fence.  I grabbed a cheap post pounder, and I have some T posts.  Simple setup for walls, pound in stakes, zip tie the panels to the posts and instant walls that can handle the winds of South Dakota.  Also built some 3′ x 3′ shooting boxes for the outdoor range and dry-fire training in the back yard.  IMG_2650.JPG

I really think my next major purchase should be an enclosed trailer.  I have access to my dad’s open utility trailer, but I would love an enclosed 10 foot x 6 foot cargo trailer that I could organize wall sections, steel, target stands and supplies.  In the winter I could put the range stuff in the shed and garage and load the trailer with my ice fishing stuff.  I would be able to keep the bed of my pickup open so I can use it, and with less weight everyday I may save a bit in gas.

Been having some back pain but still fighting through it with the awesomeness that is modern medications.  Probably should go to the chiropractor again.

All guns fit Timmy’s check box with room to spare.  All the guns make weight.  Lubed up all the gats with Multi-purpose grease thinned with motoroil.  It works for me.  I tried some fancy gun oils lately and I will stick with the “more messy” option.


I miss my CZ’s!  Every time I take them out of the safe it feels like home, I love my scale grips the gun fits perfect for me.  I can engage the trigger at the finger at the DIP joint and I can reach the mag release without really having to shift my grip excessively.  Glad I found them, but it is really making me think I should try some Techwell Posi-tec grips as they are contoured more like the Scales on the CZ.  Spending $95 on grips for a gun I don’t plan on shooting much kills me inside though.



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