ENPS April 2nd 2017

Went to Omaha to shoot another match in Singlestack.  This time I thought I was better prepared but I wasn’t.

Carla and I went down the day before and went to the zoo and had a good time.  We stayed in a hotel that night so I would be rested for the match.  Slept well, felt good, woke up and had a decent breakfast and headed to the range.

It was raining/misting through out the morning so most people hung out beneath the little shooting bench area attempting to avoid the rain.  I tried to do some walkthroughs, but the paper targets were not up and no written stage briefings were at the stages.  So like an idiot I assumed the first stage would be 2 per paper and planned it out.  Later when they read the stage briefing they inform us that it is 3 per paper, so my plan had to be changed.  Developed a solid plan, and executed it poorly! All last year, I didn’t get the first stage jitters, but this season with the 2 matches I have shot it has been bad.  Heart racing and hands shaking!  Started off good, but once I got to the steel I didn’t give it the proper attention and missed and went to slide lock which forced a standing reload.  Shot the popper down and moved to the Texas star.  Usually stars don’t cause me much of an issue but this one did.  Several make ups caused another standing slide lock reload.  It wasn’t pretty.  Took fourth on the stage, and was about 5 seconds off the pace, if I would have just aimed properly at the steel it would have knocked those 5 seconds off.

Next stage was a classifier CM13-01 Disaster Factor.  Some how I ended up with the overall win on this stage.  I am guessing that most people tried to hero or zero.  I didn’t have that great of a turn or draw, and I started with a slightly crappy grip, but the reload went well and my shots were good enough.  7.8103 hit factor or 77% nationally.  I thought this would take me to A class, but doing the math shows me just short at 74.6776%.

Next stage wasn’t too bad, decent plan.  Just an okay execution.  Poor grip from the draw, then a poor grip after the first reload.  Other than that it was not too bad.  Took second, I had good points, just a bit too slow from having to readjust my grip twice.

The next stage was actually funny to me.  I was ready!  I had a plan, I was going to shoot it clean and fast.  BEEEP!  BANG!  Double feed. Fixed it. BANG!  Double feed.  I look down and see that the extractor hook is completely broken off.  That isn’t going to do anything good for me!  I call it and unload and show clear.  Couldn’t help but laugh.  No spare extractor, no spare gun.  Already ordered an AFTEC for the gun and it has shipped, so I will get that in the gun and tuned.  Plus a regular spare extractor and firing pin are going to get ordered and fit soon.  Not going to complain too much as that extractor was ordered and installed in Feb of 2003.  14 years and a lot of rounds through the gun, I will take it.

On the plus side I felt like I moved better than the last match, I just have some kinks to work out and I will be good to go again.  Got to meet Cody Axon my fellow Blue Bullets Team member and talk to him a bit and that was cool.  He is fast as heck and is going to go far in the sport, I wish I was as dedicated as he is at his age.


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