I needed a break and it was good

After the last match I felt as if I needed a break.  It was only supposed to last about a week, but it ended up lasting almost a month.  I still did some dry fire and live fire, but it wasn’t to the intensity that I had been going at for the last several months.  Instead of daily dry fire I cut back to a couple of days a week, and I even skipped one of my live fire sessions.  I stayed away from being as active on social media which was evident as I hadn’t posted to Instagram in a month!

Dry fire had mostly been limited to gripping strong and trying to improve my index on targets.  I need to remember with Singlestack that it is Major scoring and that charlies are acceptable, so I don’t need an as refined sight picture.  Center the front sight on the center of brown and press the trigger, but on steel make sure that I actually aim and hit!

I have also been working on my movement again.  The last match showed me that I was being too conservative with my movement and I need to just tell my big butt to move.  I am always too worried about DQing or slipping and falling and I don’t know why.  I know that I am not the most athletic of people and have never excelled at sports so I really don’t trust my body to do what it needs to do.

Last night after my shift I hit the range with a plan.  Limit the stand and shoot stuff and work on moving between positions and shooting as soon as possible.  I had a large piece of coroplast from a construction site that was never picked up from the construction company after we recovered it somewhere, and after 6 months it became a training aid.  I finally put it to use and used it as a wall/vision barrier.  I honestly probably would get yelled at by the board of directors for setting up what I did at the range, but it is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.  All rounds went into the back berm and it is designed for angled shots, but they are a bit strict there.


Paper plates for steel and a couple of targets at different distances.  Shooting paper plates for steel really forces you to call your shot on the plate instead of attempting to listen for the steel to ring or fall.  I changed the targets up quite a bit and would change the start positions and which directions I moved.  The number one thing that I found was crappy hits on paper after moving and reloading from one side of the wall to the other and shooting as soon as possible, and it was just as I wasn’t getting low enough and using my legs as shock absorbers.  So I broke it down to just that component and tightened it up to acceptable A’s and C’s.

After a bit of stage style stuff, I took down the wall and just worked on moving from one position to another without a reload and keeping two hands on the gun while moving which is very weird to me as I am normally reloading as I move.

I worked on wide transitions which could use some work, I tend to overshoot the target if I am really pushing for speed and have to come back which makes it slower than I like.  It isn’t bad, but noticeable.  Shot some 25 yard Bill drills, and a couple at 7 yards as I like shooting them.

Match coming up this weekend and I am looking forward to it.  My wife and I are driving down the day before and going to the Omaha zoo and then staying in a hotel, so I can actually get some sleep this time!



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