Major power factor

Made it to the range last night, just running Bill drills and timing drills trying to get used to the the difference in the .45 from the 9.  Didn’t setup anything too crazy, just one USPSA target and some printed targets.  I did discover that the rounds I loaded for the last match in Omaha were quite a bit more harsh than some other ammo I had loaded up so I chrono’ed them this morning before work.  193 power factor, I think I can back them down a bit.

Got to the range after work and loaded up my magazines and started with some Dot drills.  After a few of them and getting my grip and sight tracking right again, I decided to attempt some simple index drills.  I put up a paster on the target at ten yards and attempted to shoot 1 shot from the draw to the paster with just my index.  Within a couple of inches each time, I need to start trusting my index more, especially with Major power factor as I don’t necessarily need a better sight picture to get an alpha or a close charlie.

Did some transitions from a target several lanes over at 15 yards to a 10 yard bulleye target.  Felt pretty good, I was attempting to drive the gun to my eyes and use my index more. Did quite a bit of shooting on the move and it went well.  I have to just shake all the rust off.

Another match in Omaha on April 2nd, but this time Carla and I are going the day before to go to the zoo on Saturday and then I can get some sleep that night!


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