ENPS 03/05/2017

First match of the year, first real match in Singlestack since 2005. Not really that happy with my performance as I took 3rd in Singlestack. First place was Craig Tappe who won overall for the match, and Joshua Fullerton took 2nd and just plain out shot me. I had 1 more point for the match, but he beat me in time by 4 seconds total. Tappe devastated both of us, spanking me in time by about 30 seconds.

The match was a lot of steel, and I am definitely not used to shooting 8 round mags. I think because of this and what happened on my first stage I ended up shooting more conservative than I should have.  

Started on stage 3 and I tried a different stage plan than most everyone else. Had first stage, first match jitters and attempted to draw to steel, and had two make up shots to start it off. This caused me to go to slide lock and perform a standing reload on the next array. It just wasn’t pretty. Lots of hesitation, slow movement, bad programming and nervousness caused a train wreck.

Stage 4 was the classifier, CM 99-16 Both Sides Now #2. Ended up being a stage win, and 81% nationally. Drew to the paper on the right, reloaded and had a make up on the first steel on the left side of the barricade. Draw and reload wasn’t horrible, but my shooting tempo was a bit slow.

Stage 5, I thought I did okay, but Tappe shot the stage seven seconds faster. I keep hoping that he posts video from the match so I can see how he shot it. It was three shots on paper which made it interesting for Singlestack. Programming wasn’t fine tuned enough to get everything locked in, so some hesitation caused some slow movement. Should have started moving backwards while engaging paper on the second array, and should have shot the last 2 paper on the move also. Lots of standing, slide lock reloads and several make up shots on steel.

Stage 1 was almost all steel. This stage went well until the last array. Shot the steel almost clean and fairly quick, but when I got to the last array which was 4 paper and a single plate with a no-shoot steel behind it. Shot it clean but way slower than I should have. Need to speed up the transitions.

Stage 2 was slow. Probably not the best stage plan, and I need to get used to pushing the transitions on stages again. Movement was slow and inefficient.

All in all, not my best performance. Learned a lot and got the first match jitters out of the way. Lack of sleep didn’t help as Brandon and I drove down that morning and it is a four hour drive to shoot the match.  Was supposed to get up at 0330 so I could pickup Brandon at the office at 0400, but I woke up at 0130 instead.  So  four hours of sleep and a four drive I don’t think I was as fresh as I could have been.  For the April 2nd match I am driving down the night before and staying in a hotel!


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