Month: March 2017

I needed a break and it was good

After the last match I felt as if I needed a break.  It was only supposed to last about a week, but it ended up lasting almost a month.  I still did some dry fire and live fire, but it wasn’t to the intensity that I had been going at for the last several months.  Instead of daily dry fire I cut back to a couple of days a week, and I even skipped one of my live fire sessions.  I stayed away from being as active on social media which was evident as I hadn’t posted to Instagram in a month!

Dry fire had mostly been limited to gripping strong and trying to improve my index on targets.  I need to remember with Singlestack that it is Major scoring and that charlies are acceptable, so I don’t need an as refined sight picture.  Center the front sight on the center of brown and press the trigger, but on steel make sure that I actually aim and hit!



Major power factor

Made it to the range last night, just running Bill drills and timing drills trying to get used to the the difference in the .45 from the 9.  Didn’t setup anything too crazy, just one USPSA target and some printed targets.  I did discover that the rounds I loaded for the last match in Omaha were quite a bit more harsh than some other ammo I had loaded up so I chrono’ed them this morning before work.  193 power factor, I think I can back them down a bit.

Got to the range after work and loaded up my magazines and started with some Dot drills.  After a few of them and getting my grip and sight tracking right again, I decided to attempt some simple index drills.  I put up a paster on the target at ten yards and attempted to shoot 1 shot from the draw to the paster with just my index.  Within a couple of inches each time, I need to start trusting my index more, especially with Major power factor as I don’t necessarily need a better sight picture to get an alpha or a close charlie.

Did some transitions from a target several lanes over at 15 yards to a 10 yard bulleye target.  Felt pretty good, I was attempting to drive the gun to my eyes and use my index more. Did quite a bit of shooting on the move and it went well.  I have to just shake all the rust off.

Another match in Omaha on April 2nd, but this time Carla and I are going the day before to go to the zoo on Saturday and then I can get some sleep that night!

Back at it

Last night when I got off shift I went home and grabbed the 1911 and belt and ran around in the basement going pretend pew pew.  I put a thinner front sight on the Kimber a .090 and so far I am liking it.  Ran around practicing with mini stages, programming and moving my big butt. Focusing on gripping hard through a stage also.  Lasted about an hour.

This morning woke up and ran around for an hour doing the same thing.  Definitely more fun that stand and shoot stuff, but I really need some more room as I can only move a few steps in the basement.  Can’t wait until the snow melts and I can go dryfire and train with more movement in my backyard.

6 more hours until I get off shift and do it again.

A week of nothing

No shooting, no dryfire, nothing.  Work was slow for a change so I decided that my personal life would be like work and took a break.  Back to the grind tonight after my shift.  Not really focusing on the shooting part, just running around with the gun.  Getting in and out of positions, changing directions, etc.  Wish it didn’t snow so I could run cone drills in the backyard.

ENPS 03/05/2017

First match of the year, first real match in Singlestack since 2005. Not really that happy with my performance as I took 3rd in Singlestack. First place was Craig Tappe who won overall for the match, and Joshua Fullerton took 2nd and just plain out shot me. I had 1 more point for the match, but he beat me in time by 4 seconds total. Tappe devastated both of us, spanking me in time by about 30 seconds.

The match was a lot of steel, and I am definitely not used to shooting 8 round mags. I think because of this and what happened on my first stage I ended up shooting more conservative than I should have.   (more…)