Trigger control

Spent the day cleaning brass, and loading ammo. Loaded a total of 3000 rounds with the Mark 7, love that machine. Was going to fill up a second bucket of loaded ammo and got a good start, but then I went to the range tonight and burned up a decent amount of ammo so the second bucket looks sad.


Would have preferred going to the outdoor range, but the road to the range is a muddy mess and I didn’t want to be the guy that tore it up. Weather is supposed to turn to cold and snowy again over the next week. Was thinking of going to the match on March 5th in Omaha. It looks like the weather isn’t going to cooperate, but I will keep an eye on it.  

Got to the range at 2100 hours, but had to wait until one of the other RO’s finished up shooting so I loaded my mags. As soon as he was done, I was in and going pew pew. I also think I figured out why the range isn’t letting me in after 2200 hours. The policy manual says we are able to access the range from 5am to 11pm, but I checked at 10 and sure enough it didn’t work. I think that it doesn’t take daylight savings into account.

Tonight I focused mostly on trigger control. Started with 25 yard 10 round groups, which I really have difficulty with having enough patience for as I want to go fast. Lots of Dots at 5 and 7 yards, easy to clear dots at 5 yards in 5 seconds, so I tried for under 4.  Could make the time easy but couldn’t clear all six dots. 34 out of 36 was about normal, as I would push one or two just a little low if I wasn’t pressing the trigger cleanly. 7 yards cleaned it twice, and went 35/36 a couple other times.

Lots of 25 yard Bill drills, 2 at 25. Got tired of shooting distance after about an hour.


I tried Tim Herron’s drill he posted the other day on Youtube. Draw 1, reload 1, reload 1 at 10 yards. He did it cold in 3.30 seconds, but he was shooting on a noisy range, so his draw was a bit slow as it was hard for him to hear the beep. I could beat the time with all A’s but I was warmed up and my draw was faster than his, but reloads a bit slower. Reloads with the skinny gun are averaging around 1.1 to 1.15 seconds. Want to get them under 1 second.

Shot a few 4 aces at 10, did some slide lock reloads, and some other drills in speed mode. Screwed around with the FAST drill to finish it up, so much easier now than it was 5 years ago. My hands hurt and are raw in a few places, it’s a good thing.

In all it was a great range session, and I felt good. Still have a lot of work to do, but enjoying the journey.


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