A long way to go

I made it to the range after work. Started with a couple of classifiers cold with my Production gun. I hadn’t really trained with my Shadows in a couple of months, so my index was a bit off. I was also a bit jittery from too much caffeine.

Wasn’t the happiest with the results. I shot Riverdale Standards to start. 4 upper A runs and 1 M run. Accuracy just wasn’t there, was having difficulty tracking my sights with the poor lighting of the indoor range.

Switched to Quicky II and shot it twice. A run and an M run. Speed is good, need better hits. I know I can shoot accurately and fast, but I am just not seeing as fast as I need to. Not going to slow down as that is counter productive. I also need to quit over thinking it and run the gun. Biggest issue is I have been pushing speed mode too much in dry fire and I think I have been cheating and not truly calling my shots and just pressing the trigger on brown while sweeping through. So my focus in dry fire will be not pressing the trigger on most drills, just drive the sights and get them stopped in the A zone quickly and efficiently.

Definitely shot better after warming up and mellowing out a bit.

I worked on transitions and some Bill drills. Highlight of the training was my reload speeds are improved from training with the Singlestack. Averaged 1.10 shot to shot and had my first live fire reload under 1 second. Reloads were also a billion times more consistent from last season.

Shot a triple Bill, which is 6 reload 6 reload 6 in 5.5 seconds with 3 charlies which I felt was really good for me.

I have a long way to go to reach the level of shooter that I want to be.


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