Prep work

img_2434Prepping for the season by loading ammo. Had a bit of brass that another guy brought me that he said that it was sorted. It wasn’t. Finally made it through that and now the machine runs through a thousand rounds without an issue as I reached my sorted brass. Most of the issues were with .380 brass mixed in, so I ordered this .380 sort plate.

Also picked up another 5 gallon bucket of 9mm brass from the range. I can already tell that there is quite a bit of .380 in it so anothe reason for the sort plate. Should still get around 6500+ pieces of brass, almost for free!

Loaded about 4k rounds doing about a thousand rounds a night. Definately faster with decently sorted brass. Only thing the machine will get stopped by will be that crappy stepped brass that I sometimes encounter.

I have been dry firing daily, but no live fire session this week. I go on Monday, which will be my new live fire training day each week. Will be taking over the range about 10pm and I will have it all night if I want it. Created a paper log that has some Classifiers that I feel are a good test of solid fundamentals and that I can set up in the indoor range easily to use as a performance metric. Also have drills such as Accelerator, 4 Aces, Bill and Blake and a few others pushing the distances to 50 yards.

Looking forward to shooting on Monday!


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