Month: February 2017

Weather looks good, so I am shooting in Omaha

Looks like it is supposed to be 65 degrees in Omaha on Sunday, March 5th, so I signed up for the club match there.  Shooting single stack Major.  So I should probably go shoot the .45 a bit this week.  Looking forward to shooting a match.  Was originally going to go down the day before and spend the night in a hotel, but now Brandon and I are going to roll down there at the ass crack of dawn.  Going to be a long freaking day.  4 hour drive for a club match.

I think that Timmy is mad at me for saying that PCC is dumb.


Making reloads easier and more consistent

Singlestack has made my Production reloads faster and more consistent, so today I grabbed Timmy’s Trojan with no magwell and did quite a bit of reload dryfire with it today. After an hour or so with his gun and the reloads getting smoother and better throughout the hour, I switched back to a gun with a magwell. Definately an improvement. I set the timer for a 2.0 second par and was able to run 4 Aces dry multiple times beating the par and not screwing it up. Also felt like I wasn’t rushing it as much.

Trigger control

Spent the day cleaning brass, and loading ammo. Loaded a total of 3000 rounds with the Mark 7, love that machine. Was going to fill up a second bucket of loaded ammo and got a good start, but then I went to the range tonight and burned up a decent amount of ammo so the second bucket looks sad.


Would have preferred going to the outdoor range, but the road to the range is a muddy mess and I didn’t want to be the guy that tore it up. Weather is supposed to turn to cold and snowy again over the next week. Was thinking of going to the match on March 5th in Omaha. It looks like the weather isn’t going to cooperate, but I will keep an eye on it.   (more…)

A long way to go

I made it to the range after work. Started with a couple of classifiers cold with my Production gun. I hadn’t really trained with my Shadows in a couple of months, so my index was a bit off. I was also a bit jittery from too much caffeine.

Wasn’t the happiest with the results. I shot Riverdale Standards to start. 4 upper A runs and 1 M run. Accuracy just wasn’t there, was having difficulty tracking my sights with the poor lighting of the indoor range.

Switched to Quicky II and shot it twice. A run and an M run. Speed is good, need better hits. I know I can shoot accurately and fast, but I am just not seeing as fast as I need to. Not going to slow down as that is counter productive. I also need to quit over thinking it and run the gun. Biggest issue is I have been pushing speed mode too much in dry fire and I think I have been cheating and not truly calling my shots and just pressing the trigger on brown while sweeping through. So my focus in dry fire will be not pressing the trigger on most drills, just drive the sights and get them stopped in the A zone quickly and efficiently. (more…)

Prep work

img_2434Prepping for the season by loading ammo. Had a bit of brass that another guy brought me that he said that it was sorted. It wasn’t. Finally made it through that and now the machine runs through a thousand rounds without an issue as I reached my sorted brass. Most of the issues were with .380 brass mixed in, so I ordered this .380 sort plate.

Also picked up another 5 gallon bucket of 9mm brass from the range. I can already tell that there is quite a bit of .380 in it so anothe reason for the sort plate. Should still get around 6500+ pieces of brass, almost for free! (more…)