2017 goals

Just got done catching up with Steve Anderson’s podcast, That Shooting Show. The episodes Goals 1 and 2 made me start thinking. Last year my goal was M or GM by the end of the year, and I didn’t make it. Recently I was trying to figure out what my goals should be.

Steve Anderson and Lanny Basham say that you need goals to work toward or you burn out. That may be true, but right now I am more motivated then ever and I don’t have a set goal. I dry fire every night for an hour or more focusing on weaknesses and I live fire at least once a week shooting 500 to a 1000 rounds a week. I don’t stop thinking about shooting and wish I was dry firing or shooting all day long. The moment I get home from work I strap on my rig. On my days off when at home if I don’t have the belt on, I generally have the gun with me to work on grip, transitions and trigger control.

I still want to make GM but it isn’t my main focus. I don’t really care about the classification itself, I want to be able to shoot to that level on demand and consistently at major matches. I would much rather be a true GM than a paper GM. If I really cared about just the classification, I would be going to every classifier match that I could to try to bump the percentage up.

The closest things I have to goals right now is the baselines and personal bests that I have on drills and trying to stomp them into the ground. I enjoy trying to push myself to go faster with better hits on drills. Last year at this time, I couldn’t shoot Accelerator faster than 6 seconds with A’s, now it is on demand, but I can always go faster. I push myself to go faster, see faster, try to hit the limit of my performance to make it the new normal and then push to the next level. This will translate to better match performance and consistency.

So for now, I am not making a large goal for 2017. Just going to focus on finding weaknesses then setting a goal to turn that weakness into strength. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do for everyone, but I think it is the right direction for me.


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