Finally made it to the range again

I attempted to hit the range Tuesday night after work but found that my keycard didn’t work. After contacting one of the board members and man in charge, I was told that the keycard access doesn’t work from 11pm to 5am. This doesn’t help when I was planning on going after work and I get off at 2am. So I have to make different plans. I really prefer to go after work as if I go before work I will always be watching the clock.

Left work at 9:30pm on Thursday to head to the range. Got there at just before 10 and setup three targets a little wider than the standard setup spacing of a yard apart. I decided to try out CM03-18 High Standards as it is actually a good practice classifier. High hit factor is pretty sporty and your gun handling has to be on point. For Production division the HHF is 8 and for Singlestack it is 8.93. So if all A’s you have to shoot it in 15 seconds in Production and just over 13 seconds for Singlestack. Minor for SS doesn’t help.

My runs were A class and M class and I did the math for Major scoring and it would have bumped them all to M class runs. I also should have looked at the setup closer as I had the targets spaced wider just over double what they should be which I am sure affected the scores a bit. Strong hand and weak hand shooting was much improved, but still needs some work along with my transitions. Reloads felt great and my strong hand to weak transfer was good. I only shot it a few times in total and then started to break everything down working on the transitions and working on the SHO and WHO parts.

Pulled out my Sig P320 and screwed around with it a bit. Shot a few groups, shot some Blake drills and Bill drills with it.

Went back to the STI and shot a couple dot drills at 7 yards and cleaned the second sheet. I decided to pull out another dot drill I hadn’t shot in years. Dot Torture way, way easier than the Garcia Dots as there is no time limit. The drill is more of a trigger control drill and the “hardest” parts are the WHO and SHO dots. 50/50 was extremely easy at 7 yards so may try it at 10 yards next time for shits and grins.

The STI is in dire need of a new recoil spring, probably should order a few. It is flithy, but just going to keep running it until it chokes.


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