The difference between a shooter and a collector

The STI Lawman is 2 months old on February 5th.  Somewhere around seven to eight thousand rounds through the barrel and who knows how many dry-fire draws, reloads and trigger presses. The Cerakote is an okay finish, one of the better spray and bake finishes that I have encountered.

Malfunctions – ZERO. The gun just keeps running. Only problem has been the magazines spreading the feed lips when dropped on the concrete of the indoor range with rounds still in the magazine. The gun kept feeding and functioning, but the magazines stop falling free. A quick squeeze with a vise and they are good to go again.

The gun is dirty, but I just add some lube and keep going pew pew.

I did radius the edges of the beavertail after the first week as they were sharp and I don’t need even more calluses on my hand. Some people would freak out as it compromised the finish, but I don’t have time for that crap as I actually shoot my guns. Finish wear is something to be proud of as it means you use the gun.

I also recently trimmed down my thumb safety. Some people are able to ride the thumb safety with their strong hand thumb while shooting a 1911. I can’t. It is the same reason that I have Rami safeties on my Shadows, my weak hand is so high on the gun that it interferes with the safety. I have tried every grip style out there and my current grip is the one I prefer. I use every bit of grip surface on the gun that I can. If I adjust my support hand down to allow my thumb to ride the safety I lose some of the contact with the gun. I have tried the “Costa” grip and found this less aggressive wrist cant controls recoil just as well and I don’t have any tendon issues with my wrist or forearm anymore like I did with the “Costa”. One grip doesn’t fit all. Do what feels comfortable and work on grip strength..

I have a thin Ed Brown “tactical” thumb safety on my Kimber and when I got the STI I noticed that the safety was wide compared to the Kimber. I left it alone for awhile, but I recently had enough. It was wide enough that I could feel that the safety was preventing me from getting the contact with the top of the grip that I wanted. So out came the Dremel and I shaped it closer to the Ed Brown on my Kimber. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to their gear and I prefer a smaller thumb safety on the 1911.

Going to install a flat trigger in the next week or so. I keep trying to find an SVI bow and insert but the ones I want are sold out everywhere. Most likely going to put a 10-8 Performance in it to match my Kimber.



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