Jersey showed up today. It is my first Techwear jersey and my first “shooting” shirt. Fits well, very lightweight. Will be great on hot matches, even better than my $20 Costco polo shirts.

Worked the Outdoor Adventure Center of Brookings for 6 hours on Saturday. Boring as there were not many shooters. I shot about 150 rounds at 25 yards. Just shooting as fast as I could call A’s, but really wasn’t working on much. Noticed an issue with my support hand gripping the gun, fixed it and drove on. Structured dry fire has been lacking this week, just mostly been playing with grip and transitions so I haven’t really even put on my shooting belt.

Pulled my slingshot out last night and have been plinking at a Monster can hanging in my backyard at about 15 yards. Back to being able to hit it again most of the time. Shooting slingshot is definitely a perishable skill. I only use flat bands not tubes so I tied up the last of my band material and pouches and I should be good for awhile. Going to build a permanent catch box in the far corner of the fenced yard this spring. Will be able to shoot all year round from the back porch and retrieve all my ammo from the box.

I am going to hit the range Tuesday night after my shift ends at midnight. Going to work on a few different things: call it and leave it, transitions, turn and draw, and partials. I work the OAC again on Friday from 12 until 5. Going to get as many hours as I can in now, as during match season and during fall I can’t usually work there that much.

I just want to go shoot a major match.


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