I crawled out of bed early to hit the range


Decided at the last night right before bed that I would hit the range in the morning to do some accuracy testing with the Kimber and Timmy’s Trojan. Both shot really well but the bottom of the Trojan’s slide is pretty aggressive on the web of my shooting hand’s thumb. No malfunctions with either of them when I shot a combo of the old FMJ with HP-38 or the new stuff with different brands of coated bullets and Clays. The coated bullets had a bit more smoke, but not much. If I mix them in a mag, I can barely tell the difference in recoil when shooting.

The old Kimber can still hold a decent group at 25 yards, shot multiple groups around 2 to 3 inches.  Not perfect, but good enough.  Shot at a NRA D-1 target as my goal was group shooting.  Shot a couple of great groups to start the day and switched to the Trojan which also shot a couple nice groups.  Shot about 300 rounds of .45 ACP just shooting groups and trying to play with my trigger control to see exactly what was needed for each shot. I tried to call each of my shots to the exact point they were going to be, and got better throughout the session.

Shot some strong hand only and weak hand only at 20 yards.  10 alphas for strong hand, 7 for weak hand and 3 charlies.  7 seconds for strong, and 9 for weak.  Need to speed that up a bit, need to focus to transitioning the sights back to the A zone faster.  Trigger control for weak hand has improved nicely in the last couple weeks.

Put away the Kimber and the Trojan and cleaned up the 45 brass.  Pulled out the Lawman.  Shot about 30 rounds of Speer Lawman factory ammo to get it hot and ran a Boresnake through it.  Shot this group of 10 rounds at 20 yards.


That little guy… I wouldn’t worry about that little guy

I drew the square on with a marker, sent the target to 20 yards and attempted to shoot 10 rounds into a nice tight group.  That was round 6, I felt it and I knew it. The other 9 rounds felt the way it should have and I knew where they all hit so the drill was successful in my shot calling, not so much my trigger control.

Shot some dot drills and ran a sheet of the dots strong hand only at 5 yards and in 6 seconds I went 48/50. Weak hand on dots was 46/50 but slow.  I know what the issue is and will fix in dry fire.  But much more confident in both strong hand and weak hand.

Finished with 2, slide lock reload 2 at 7 yards, with the horizontal dots drill paper as the A zone.  Times averaged 2.6 with the reload being 1.3-1.4 seconds.

Feeling good about my shooting, need to keep the fundamentals up and start pushing transitions on partials and port entry. The gun handling should be so subconscious that it is automatic and just focus on cutting the time when not shooting.


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