Loaded some .45 on the 550b, it sucked.

Loaded about 600 rounds of .45 ACP on the 550b today. I kept looking over to the Mark 7 and tell it I miss it every ten minutes. The bullets I loaded came from prize tables through out last season. I had about 100 Acme’s, 500 Ibejiheads, and I have 500 FMJ Hornady’s from Area 3. I loaded the coated bullets up with about 3.7 grains of Clays which is not max, and probably wouldn’t even make Major but it was a nice safe load. Going to load the Hornady’s with Titegroup to see if I prefer one powder to another. I doubt I will as long as they make Major. Need to order a case of The Blue Bullets 230gr to load, chrono, group and shoot before May.


The 550b still gets used, mostly for .45 ACP.

I didn’t load all 600 rounds in one sitting. I woke up this morning and had to reset the press for the different bullets and powder. Took a bit to get it all dialed in but everything looks pretty and will shoot well. Should be a bit lighter of a load than the stuff I have had loaded for a few years, that was with HP-38 powder and it was close to a max charge with Precision Delta bullets. I didnt know any better back then.

I loaded about 300 rounds in the morning, and took a break so Carla and I could go cross-country skiing in Brookings at the Dakota Nature Park. It was quite the workout and the weather was beautiful and warm. Ended up sweating my ass off.

After we came back home, I hit the man cave again and finished off the other 300 bullets I had left. Did a little dry fire, and cleaned up the pew pew palace.

Social media is all abuzz with SHOT Show news. Nothing interests me so far, but I did just see that Mark 7 is coming out with their own press/motor/system that is a 10 toolhead setup and capable of 3500 rounds an hour, and will be $8500. So a true commercial press for less than 10k, that is pretty awesome. I won’t ever need one but that is a damn good deal for people that want to start a loading company but want something other than the Dillon press with a motor added. Based on my experience with Mark 7 they will be truly making something awesome.

Going to spend the evening time hang out with Carla and the pups. One more day off and then back to the life of a government employee.


Still the best purchase I have made in my shooting career.  


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