Ice fishing is exhausting


First drop and first perch of the day on the start of my ice fishing holiday

Fished several times throughout this week. Relaxing, cold and exhausting.  Worth it and I am feeling rejuvenated.  I need some time off more frequently.  Caught some perch and limited out on Blue Gills on Thursday, and caught a bunch of tiny walleye and a decent pike also.  Got to watch a pike destroy a Gill on my underwater camera, it was cool as hell.


The cold weather was rough on my hands.

Friday I was fished out, so I hit the range for a quick session.  Test out the new batch of Blue Bullets.  They shoot well, don’t lead up my guns, and smoke less than the brand I was previously using, and noticeably less to me in the indoor range.

Comments on my previous choice in coated bullets.  They worked great in my Shadows, Glocks, and a bunch of other guns, but leaded up my STI Lawman and my Beretta’s last 1.5″ to 2″ of the barrels pretty good.  They were really smokey in all my guns.  They were good bullets, but the Blue Bullets are better.  I am not saying that as I am on their shooting team but they are better.  Worth it.

I shot some groups, which I suck at.  I can rock a Bill Drill at 25 yards in under 3 seconds, but I can’t shoot a slow fire group at distance for shit.  Didn’t matter if I benched it or not.  Shot the Blue Bullets, and the previous bullets, some jacketed, and some hollowpoints.  All were similar for groups with the STI, and the Shadows nothing to write home about, but everything would be alphas.

Shot the P-07 a little bit also.  The ogive of the Blue Bullet 125 is more acute than the 124gr that it replaced, and the 135gr that came first.  I can load longer with these bullets, and have found a OAL that will run in the P-07 also.  I like it!

Then strong hand only and weak hand only with the 1911 and the Shadows.  Lots of Bill drill type things on small 2″ dots at 5 yards.  Strong hand is easy to do quickly and accurately enough.  Weak hand is much improved from the week before, shooting both faster and more accurately.  Dry fire is working.

I decided to silicon carbide the MagPul grips I put on Timmy’s gun.  My hands have already gotten use to the grit I have and find it lacking in aggressiveness.  I need to order some 36 grit.



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