It’s going to be a good year!

The rest of my ammo arrived today.  The postmaster looked at me and said “Thank God, you’re here”.  Apparently 193 pounds of bullets was a bit much for them.  She made the comment, “I don’t know what your packages are full of, but they sure take advantage of those boxes”.  Yes, yes they do MaryAnn, yes they do!

That means all 14400 9mm 125gr RN Blue Bullets are on my bench ready to be loaded. The first half of my year is covered and will be awesome.  I also got a really badass Shooting Team gun cover.


I really like Blue, it’s not obvious or anything.

Didn’t make it to the range at 0600 this morning like I wanted to, instead I was at work until 0300 for a late shift drug arrest and search warrant. So after lunch and I finish type this am going to slap the carbides on the sled. And then I will run into town and get what I need from Runnings and grab some bait.  Maybe I will shoot after I run my errands.

Been working on strong hand and weak hand only in dryfire and I am starting to feel more comfortable and natural with both hands.  Just going to confirm it in live fire.

Going to spend the next 4 days on the ice hopefully catching fish!


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