Most of the packages arrive

The first case of my large order of 125 gr Blue Bullets arrived last night, this was the first of 4 total.  The Blue Bullets shipped this one out ASAP during the holidays so I would have some bullets and the rest shipped after the holidays when they were back in the shop.  The next 3 cases are due today.  The first case was delayed by USPS for several days as I was supposed to receive it several days ago.  They didn’t have to ship the first case that fast as I have a 5 gallon pail full of training ammo that needs to get shot up first but it is another reason The Blue Bullets rock!

Got some parts in for Timmy’s Trojan to get it setup for my backup at Nationals.  Dawson fiber front, and some standard grip bushings and screws so I could put standard thickness grips on it.  I put cheap Magpul grips on it, and they aren’t bad (may silicon carbide them though).  Also replaced the hinge pin in his rear sight as that was broken in half and barely holding it together.  Now for Nationals I will just pull the Dawson magwell off my training 9mm gun and slap it on the Trojan and ready to go.


Timmy’s Trojan, I really like this gun, he might not get it back.

Also got in another Dawson mag well for the Kimber and put that on.  I didn’t go with the ICE this time, instead I went with the IPSC Classic with the slightly smaller mag well.  The base pads stick out of the bottom a bit further which guarantees that the mag gets seated.  The mag well is aluminum and not the replaceable insert that the ICE has, so it will get beat to hell more, but such is life.  Going to contact Dawson to see if replacements are available as I don’t want to have to buy the mainspring housing every time I need to replace as I am hard on mag wells!

So just waiting on some more mags for the 9mm Lawman and my Shooting Team shirt to ship and I will be in hog heaven.

Also got in new wear bars for the snowmobile, and I took all next week off for ice fishing.  I can’t wait.


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