Sick and loading ammo

After I got done shooting on Monday, I could feel a tickle in the back of my throat and could tell I was starting to get some sinus issues. Sure enough by noon my sinuses were completely clogged and my head felt like it was going to explode. It was my day off which sucked as I would have rather done other things. My wife, Carla, was awesome and went into town and picked me up some decongestants, Nyquil and some nasal spray. The nasal spray was the only thing that opened up my nose enough to get a Neti Pot sinus wash through it. Due to my being sick and a pussy, there was no dryfire any of the days I was sick.

By Wednesday around noon I was feeling a little better, so I decided to watch the Mark 7 1050 X do it’s thing.


All cleaned up and lubed ready for my shipment of The Blue Bullets goodness.

I loaded the last of the bullets I had at home, which is okay as I have another 14400 9mm 125gr Blue Bullets on the way. First case arrives tomorrow and the rest in a couple of days.

After finishing those 2100 rounds, I decided it was time to strip the 1050 to clean and lubricate it. Dillon recommends every 10k so it was time.  She was a dirty, dirty girl.  Even being filthy it ran with no issues. I am still on my original decapping pin that came with my EGW U-die that I had on my 550b. The die has run about 60k of 9mm brass through it, and never an issue. I pulled the 1050 down to the smallest piece, including pulling apart the crank. I cleaned and lubed everything. Took about 2 hours total. Another benefit is that I was able to adjust my shell plate tighter which will allow even more consistency especially with priming.

As I have the Mark 7 and the drive determines the head travel, I decided that I don’t need the main toolhead spring so I ordered the Specialty Guide Rod kit from Level 10 Innovations. I bought the spring and bushing from Level 10 when I was using the press by hand, and it was a great upgrade but not necessary anymore. The guide rod has removed all the twisting that the toolhead does at the top of the stroke, and keeps the press running true.


Delrin guide rod in place of the spring. Smooth as butter.

The only sensor I have on the press is the PrimerSense, and I keep looking at the other sensors trying to decide if I need one or not. I am currently running at the machines max speed of 1800 rounds per hour setting without issue and my loads are better and more consistent than when I loaded pulling the handle. The new firmware that will hopefully be out this week or next will kick my max speed to 2100 rounds per hour as I have the older 1050 X with the biggest motor already on it, and maybe having another sensor or two wouldn’t hurt. Thinking maybe the SwageSense, but I have yet to get a ringer or have any issues with the swage. Of course, at 2100 rounds per hour may be pushing the limits of the machine more.

I do know when the BulletSense hits the market I will be one of the first to purchase it.  The only issue that I have with the machine is every once in a blue moon the Mr. Bulletfeeder will drop one bullet nose down or not drop a bullet as the dropper is dirty, or the bullet will flip when the machine indexes.  It is so infrequent (about once per 1k) that there is no adjustments I can do to fix it.  But the press stops and I have to clear it, or a piece of brass with powder and no bullet lands in the bin if I am not watching.

I hate to reload and I only do it out of necessity as I want to shoot a lot. For whatever reason though, I really like to tear the press apart to clean it.  The Dillon 1050 fascinates me as an engineering standpoint and every time I take it apart I learn something new about it and how to tweak it to run better and smoother. I have plenty of friends that never take apart their presses, but I like mine running like a top and a little preventative maintenance never hurt anything.

Got my DAA Racers for the singlestack in on Tuesday and got them on the belt yesterday. They sit lower on the belt so with my long arms it is easier to grab the mags. I was running my CR Speeds for the single stack but they were jerry rigged with a method I saw online from Shooters Connection. It worked but this release a little cleaner and retain the magazines better when moving around. I had always planned on switching to the Racers, but I have a budget to adhere to and this was the month to make it happen.



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