Up before the chickens to shoot with my stupid hand

I knew I was going to the range this morning, and was going to focus on strong and weak hand shooting. What I didn’t know was what time I was going. For whatever reason, I woke up at 4am and had been dreaming about shooting so I just decided to head in and start early.

Strong hand feels good. Good hits at acceptable speeds all the way out to 25 yards. Weak hand, not so much. I haven’t mastered isolating the trigger finger when shooting weak hand and a larger amount of shots than I would like to admit to hit right of where I am aiming.  It is all me pressing the trigger and imparting lateral force to the trigger instead of pulling straight back. That and moving the other fingers of the hand when pressing the trigger.  It isn’t much, but it is worse than I like.

I am strongly dominate with my right hand, I really am not sure why I even have a left arm as it is about useless. So I have to work with it more. Truth be told it probably isn’t as bad as I think it is but I still don’t feel comfortable with shooting weak hand only.

Groups were okay, but the occasional flinch showed itself. The flinch was more evident when shooting faster. 7 yard weak hand Bill drills showed more charlies to the right of the A zone than I liked. Times were okay I average around 3.5 seconds to draw, transfer to weak and shoot 6 shots. I would get 5 A’s quite a bit, but I would have the first shot be a low right C or even a D. It was all me flinching and poor trigger isolation as the sights were in the A zone.  Goal for me on a 7 yard WHO Bill drill is going to be 3 seconds, all A’s.

Going to shoot some WHO every range session. In dryfire it feels good, but once the recoil hits I flinch but only in WHO. Have to fix it. So group shooting, Bill drills and Dots are going to be done WHO every range session. Going to turn the weakness into a strength.


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