Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah

Dry fired for anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours every night of the last week except for Christmas and the day after.  Sunday which was Christmas day we had to do the family thing, first my family and then the in-laws.  We left the in-laws a bit early as the freezing rain was starting and the wind was picking up.  Monday we woke up to a rapidly cooling house as the power was out due to the wind and rain.  I fired up the propane fireplace and heated the house up to a balmy 62 degrees.  Eventually we left the house after discovering the roads were not too bad, and I needed to pickup a snowmobile from my brother-in-law to use ice fishing for the winter.

I spent most of Tuesday building a new ramp for my trailer to allow the snowmobile to fit and load easier and some tweaking of the sled itself and getting my ice gear good to go.  I finished the day with a 30 minute dry fire session that night.  On Wednesday I had already volunteered to work from 5pm to 9pm at the Outdoor Adventure Center of Brookings so instead of hitting the ice, I decided to go in early and have a live fire training session.

I got to the range at about 12:30 and set up with the standard target array with 1 yard spacing.  I shot a cold El Presidente at 10 yards in 5.27 seconds with 2 C’s, or 56 points in Minor scoring.  Factored out to 10.62 or 98.32% in Singlestack.

Shot a couple of Bill drills and 4 Aces to warm up, and moved my setup to Accelerator or as close as I could at the indoor range.  Instead of 7, 15 and 25 yards, it was more like 7, 15, and 23 yards since I have to go forward of the stalls to draw I can’t get a full 25 yards.  I didn’t try for crazy speeds today, just match mode.  I was averaging under 6 seconds both near to far and far to near.  I recorded a couple of them, and will post the video on my Instagram and JAndersonShooting Facebook page.

After some runs of Accelerator, I changed to Distance Changeup.  I shot it a bunch of different ways, but my times were always under 3 seconds.  Not sure how many different times I shot it, but I had to load mags several times.  Was just going for consistency, and good hits in the head box.  A couple of times I pushed a little too hard on the head box and ended up with a total of three no shoots and 2 complete misses.  Those were runs at about 2.3-2.4 seconds, so a bit faster than the 2.6-2.7 seconds I was normally going.

I shot some 25 yard Bill Drills, with one I recorded on video at 2.87 seconds and all alphas.  I really had to work on gripping strongly with the support hand if I wanted to shoot quickly and accurately at 25 yards.  This is becoming one of my favorite drills as it can teach you so much.  Sight tracking, trigger control, grip and recoil acceptance.

I moved to 7 yards to work on 3 Grasps which is draw fire 2 rounds freestyle, 2 rounds strong hand only and 2 rounds weak hand only.  My best on video was 3.36 with all alphas, but I need to keep working on the transfer to weak hand as I know I can do it faster.

I started to finish up with a couple of Bill drills in crazy speed mode.  Fastest was 1.60, but had 2 C’s just between the lower A and B zone of the head. Got to grip harder if I want to crush the Bill drill.

And my final drill was some group shooting.  It went well.

It was a good day, I shot about 1000 rounds.  Learned some stuff and got some video to whore myself out on Instagram.



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