Trying to get my reloads under a second

I hit the range early to get some training in.  As I haven’t spent a lot of time with the 1911 in many years I have been focusing on the fundamentals in dryfire.  This live fire session was to just confirm the dry fire has been working, and about speed, hot nasty speed.

Started with Accelerator it easy to hit under 6 seconds with A’s and close C’s, been trying to get under 5 seconds.  The best I was able to produce today was 5.32 seconds, but I had one D at 25 yards.  

After a couple rounds of Accelerator I put the targets at standard spacing distance a yard apart, and moved to 10 yards.  I did a couple of El Presidente’s.  Still need to work on my turn and draw as 1.20 was the best I could produce, but was able to hit a 4.5 second time with decent hits.  I did have a couple of 5 second runs with all Alpha’s but when I pushed hard for a 4 second run it was not pretty, but it was all on brown.

Just trying a Blake drill I was able to easily push under 2 seconds going both directions with all alphas.

Shot a few Bill drills at 10, 15 and 25 yards, and pushed hard for low times.  Times were under 3 seconds for the 25 yard distance, but I only shot all alphas once.  The rest of the time I shot mostly A’s and close C’s.  I did have one that I ran in 2.3 seconds, but shagged a B and a D.

I did some shooting on the move which wasn’t as pretty as it should be and I shot far more D’s than I should have.  I wasn’t getting as low as I should have, need to bend my knees more.

Decided to try to see if I could push my times on 4 Aces at 10 yards.  Fastest I have ever shot them, and they felt good.  I have a new personal best at 2.19 seconds, it was a .79 draw, .19 split, 1.05 reload, and .16 split with all Alphas.  Closest I have ever gotten to a second reload in live fire.  I need to keep practicing reloads so I can hit 1 second in practice a lot.  Dry fire I have found it isn’t that hard to hit 1 second anymore but in live fire it is quite a bit different.

I ended my session as the magazines I bought for the STI don’t seem to like to be dropped on the concrete floor that much.  The feed lips started to spread so they stopped dropping free.  I have fixed them by squeezing them with my vise, but I have to find a better 9mm 1911 magazine.

As for the gun itself, it hasn’t had a malfunction in 2000 rounds.  I just would throw some more grease or oil on it once in awhile and run it some more.  It shoots really well, and I have been enjoying the gun a lot.  I finally cleaned it out a bit, the slideshow is of how dirty it got but still kept running.

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