Woke up early to kill some dots

Woke up this morning about 5am and decided to head to the range to start my day off right. I arrived and shot a couple attempts of the Dot drill at 7 yards, first attempt was 4 out, second was 3 out and the last was 1 out.   I shot one at 5 yards and cleaned it easily.  I find it harder to shoot indoors as I can’t look through my sights as easily while focusing on the target like I can outdoors.  So I have to take a bit more time on the sights to get the shots off and it slows me down a bit.  I can easily clear 4.5 seconds per dot outdoors and just about 5 seconds indoors.

I then shot some groups at 25, 20, and 15 yards to work on my trigger control and visual patience.  I really don’t like to shoot groups, but it really does help with learning the trigger even more.

Shot some Bill drills and some other timing drills.  After about 500 rounds I called it a day.  The STI Lawman is still running perfectly.  I have added an Ed Brown oversized mag release and a Dawson Precision ICE magwell, which have made my reloads a hell of a lot faster.

Later did a bunch of dryfire through out the day.  Feeling pretty good with the skinny gun.  I do think it is funny how most people baby their guns, and I find wear to be a badge of honor as it actually being used.

Cerakote holds up better than bluing, but the Poly-Coat on my CZ’s have withstood way more abuse through the last year.  This is the wear on the muzzle end of the gun from just a week.  Not complaining, just something I noticed.  The grip safety looks worn, but it was a bit sharp so I took a file and some wet/dry paper to it so smooth it out.





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