STI Lawman 5.0


I got my email confirmation for Singlestack Nationals, and I will be shooting on Friday, May 19th. As SS Nats usually is biased for Major scoring I will most likely be shooting .45 ACP for the match. I only have about 1500 rounds of 45 loaded and another 1000 bullets waiting to be loaded which would have to be done with my 550b not the Mark 7/1050 as that is set up for 9mm. As you can tell from the picture, I am ready to load 9mm in more quantities than 45. I want to train hard for Nationals, so what is the logical solution in my mind? Buy another gun!

I got a great deal on a STI Lawman 5.0 in 9mm from Brotherhood Arms in Watertown, South Dakota. I had been looking at STI Trojan’s in 9mm and was entertaining the idea of buying a Competition Ready model from Dawson Precision. Yesterday on a whim I decided to make the drive to Watertown to check out Brotherhood as I hadn’t been there in a while and the owner, Dominic, is a competitive shooter and his store always has a great selection. Dom had several great guns including a STI DVC Classic that was a bit out of my price range. He hooked me up with this Lawman for a price I would have been foolish to say no to.

Trigger was a bit heavy but that was to be expected from a stock STI that isn’t part of the DVC line up.  Slide and frame were fit very, very well with no play and smooth as silk. After filling out the 4473 and the required background I was on my way home with my new blaster.

When I got home, I tore it apart for a closer inspection and some tweaking. Reduced the hammer hooks to .018″ and stoned the sear and hammer. After a couple of adjustments to the trigger’s pre-travel and the sear spring, the trigger is just under 3 pounds and the pre-travel is significantly reduced. The extractor looked like it was properly setup, and the barrel ramp was a mirror finish. I pinned the grip safety as they are pointless in my opinion.  I did some dry fire with it and I called it good.

This morning I had to go into Brookings for my annual health screening so why not go test the new gun out at the Outdoor Adventure Center of Brookings?  Got to the range at about 9am, fired up the ventilation system and the lights and picked a lane. Only had the one magazine to start with but will get more ordered. Loaded up some of my practice ammo which could have had some issues due to the short length I load it to for my Shadows but she ran like a scalded cat.

First 10 rounds were at 25 yards and it shot point of aim, point of impact so no adjustments to the rear were necessary. I then did the 10-8 extractor test slightly modified with 3 full magazines. Load one round, remove the magazine and fire the gun, and if the brass extracts and ejects properly with the brass landing between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The 10-8 test calls for 1 magazine shot 2 handed and 1 magazine one-handed. I shot 1 magazine 2 handed and it passed, 1 magazine right hand only and it passed, and 1 magazine left hand only and it passed.

I shot some Bill drills at 7 and 10 yards, and shot some groups again. The gun runs and runs well.

Shooting 9mm in a 1911 is like cheating. Soft shooting, flat recoil with out much muzzle rise. I will probably replace the ignition components at some point with better quality ones and the trigger itself with a flat model probably the SVI with adjustable inserts (I am thinking in blue). I already have a Dawson Precision ICE magwell coming that I was going to put on the Kimber, but it will most likely go on this gun and later put another ICE on the Kimber.

I really, really like this gun. (But let’s be honest, unless it says Hi-Point, Jennings, Bryco, or Taurus I haven’t found a gun I didn’t like!)


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