Not much happening

I haven’t posted in awhile as there isn’t much going on.  Snow and crappy weather, a job that sucks the life out of me and no matches makes for a boring blog.

I submitted my payment and form for open enrollment for Single Stack Nationals, hopefully I got in with the 100 open slots they had to start or I will get wait-listed and have to wait for January 2016 when the unused of the slots go to open enrollment.  I have been practicing with the single stack and it has been fun.  Everything is feeling pretty good.

I went and put a few rounds through it the other day and it still shoots straight and functions properly.  I also got in 8 Tripp Research 8 round magazines in.  Timmy is letting me borrow his BOSS holster so that was awesome.  I may have to borrow his Trojan for a backup gun when I go to the match.  My CR Speeds were converted for skinny mags so that didn’t cost me anything.  I may throw a Dawson ICE on the Kimber, but I don’t know how well that will work with the Kimber’s magwell beveled for a Smith and Alexander, will be interesting to see how they match up.

I bought a 1955 Marlin 39 Mountie, which was a gun I had been searching for a long time.  My first gun that I purchased was a 39 and I stupidly traded it for a Glock 19 years ago.  This one didn’t cost much as it had a couple of drilled and tapped holes in the barrel for a scope mount and a crappy scope on it.  The rear stock was also cracked.  I replaced the stock with one I hand fitted from, and it turned out nice.  I also put in some set screws in the holes in the barrel and cold blued them, it looks okay but I will refinish at some point.  I tossed the scope and mounted a new front sight and put a Williams 5D receiver peep sight on the gun.  It shoots really well, very happy, and it cost less than any one I could find on GunBroker.

Not much else going on.  Dry firing everyday, but my live fire has been lacking.  I will be picking it up soon though.  My elbow is pain free so that is a great, hopefully it will stay pain free as I ramp up the training again.




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