Month: December 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah

Dry fired for anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours every night of the last week except for Christmas and the day after.  Sunday which was Christmas day we had to do the family thing, first my family and then the in-laws.  We left the in-laws a bit early as the freezing rain was starting and the wind was picking up.  Monday we woke up to a rapidly cooling house as the power was out due to the wind and rain.  I fired up the propane fireplace and heated the house up to a balmy 62 degrees.  Eventually we left the house after discovering the roads were not too bad, and I needed to pickup a snowmobile from my brother-in-law to use ice fishing for the winter.

I spent most of Tuesday building a new ramp for my trailer to allow the snowmobile to fit and load easier and some tweaking of the sled itself and getting my ice gear good to go.  I finished the day with a 30 minute dry fire session that night.  On Wednesday I had already volunteered to work from 5pm to 9pm at the Outdoor Adventure Center of Brookings so instead of hitting the ice, I decided to go in early and have a live fire training session.



Trying to get my reloads under a second

I hit the range early to get some training in.  As I haven’t spent a lot of time with the 1911 in many years I have been focusing on the fundamentals in dryfire.  This live fire session was to just confirm the dry fire has been working, and about speed, hot nasty speed.

Started with Accelerator it easy to hit under 6 seconds with A’s and close C’s, been trying to get under 5 seconds.  The best I was able to produce today was 5.32 seconds, but I had one D at 25 yards.   (more…)

Woke up early to kill some dots

Woke up this morning about 5am and decided to head to the range to start my day off right. I arrived and shot a couple attempts of the Dot drill at 7 yards, first attempt was 4 out, second was 3 out and the last was 1 out.   I shot one at 5 yards and cleaned it easily.  I find it harder to shoot indoors as I can’t look through my sights as easily while focusing on the target like I can outdoors.  So I have to take a bit more time on the sights to get the shots off and it slows me down a bit.  I can easily clear 4.5 seconds per dot outdoors and just about 5 seconds indoors.

I then shot some groups at 25, 20, and 15 yards to work on my trigger control and visual patience.  I really don’t like to shoot groups, but it really does help with learning the trigger even more.


The Blue Bullets Shooting Team

Today I am honored and humbled to be a new member of The Blue Bullets Shooting Team.  This is my first sponsor and I will be forever grateful for them for giving me the opportunity to represent a company that has become a industry leader in coated bullets.  I love shooting, and I love the shooting community.

STI Lawman 5.0


I got my email confirmation for Singlestack Nationals, and I will be shooting on Friday, May 19th. As SS Nats usually is biased for Major scoring I will most likely be shooting .45 ACP for the match. I only have about 1500 rounds of 45 loaded and another 1000 bullets waiting to be loaded which would have to be done with my 550b not the Mark 7/1050 as that is set up for 9mm. As you can tell from the picture, I am ready to load 9mm in more quantities than 45. I want to train hard for Nationals, so what is the logical solution in my mind? Buy another gun!

I got a great deal on a STI Lawman 5.0 in 9mm from Brotherhood Arms in Watertown, South Dakota. I had been looking at STI Trojan’s in 9mm and was entertaining the idea of buying a Competition Ready model from Dawson Precision. Yesterday on a whim I decided to make the drive to Watertown to check out Brotherhood as I hadn’t been there in a while and the owner, Dominic, is a competitive shooter and his store always has a great selection. Dom had several great guns including a STI DVC Classic that was a bit out of my price range. He hooked me up with this Lawman for a price I would have been foolish to say no to.