Thinking about the 2017 Singlestack Nationals

I don’t have a slot so I would have to try for open entry. I need some 8 round magazines as I only have 7 rounders, another go fast belt and some pouches. It wouldn’t be super cheap, but not that bad for cash for the wife and I either.

The only 1911 I have to shoot in Singlestack is this blaster.


It is a Kimber Classic Custom and it is pre-series 2. It is pretty old, it is the basic model and it cost me $530. I have had to replace the factory ignition parts, and a few other things, but it is a solid gun. I used to shoot USPSA with it a 8-9 years back? Not positive on the dates but I only had 7 round mags for the gun, so I wasn’t as competitive I could be. I strapped it on with some generic pouches, and my reloads were pretty sporty and smooth. With the amount of dry fire I could do with it before the match would make them butter.

I did just put a full length guide rod (FLGR) and a new magazine release. The mag release needed a bit of fitting, but is now smooth as butter and I can’t miss it. Small enough that I can’t hit it when shooting or gripping, but big enough that my thumb can’t seem to miss.  The FLGR was just for a bit more weight at the muzzle. I do have to get some lighter recoil springs for it, right now it is a 16 pound progressive, and probably a bit too heavy. Trigger is just under 3 pounds and perfect (for me). It has a Dawson front fiber, and a Heinie rear.

The finish it toast and I think it looks beautiful. I am trying to decide if I should go to a Dawson ICE magwell or keep my Smith and Alexander magwell which is blended very well. The grip safety is pinned, but I am thinking of fitting a new one, but I would have to refinish then.

So going to buy 8 Tripp Research Cobra mag 8 rounders. I really like the follower design of the Cobra and they work flawlessly in my gun. I have several thousand rounds loaded and ready to go, and I have enough bullets, powder and primers to load a few thousand rounds more. The belt and pouches would be ordered next month.


The finish looks amazing to me, as all that wear came honestly. Carried it concealed and openly on duty for 3 years, and shot and dry fired it a lot. It works well, only a couple issues that I easily fixed.

But maybe I should have a backup?


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