Zombie slaying

Was able to go to Omaha this weekend for the Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters Toys for Tots zombie match.  They managed to raise $3400 and 3 large crates of toys for the United States Marine Corp Reserves Toys for Tots program which will allow a lot of under privileged children to have a happy Christmas this year.

The match was an interesting format.  All ammo was considered to be “explosive” so only one shot per target in the scoring zones would de-animate the undead.  There were multiple divisions: Centerfire Iron sights, Centerfire Open sights, Pistol Calibre Carbine, .22 Rifle Open, .22 Pistol Open, and Walking Dead: Clan Negan (WDCN).  The WCDN division you had to shoot all the targets which includes all the no shoots, you could also switch firearms for each stage allowing you to shoot PCC, Open or even .22 guns.  All guns could be fully loaded and extended magazines were allowed.  If you wear a costume you get a bonus of -2 seconds of each stage.

I elected to shoot in the WDCN division as I never get to shoot the no shoots intentionally and it just sounded like fun.  Also I wanted to shoot my Sig P320 Romeo which I had not gotten to shoot in a match setting yet.  I didn’t order anything special like extended magazines to increase the amount of ammo I could carry, and just rolled with my standard mags loaded to 17.  Most of the stages were low enough round count if I would have had 20 round magazines I wouldn’t have had to do a reload.  I did a few reloads on a few stages just to ensure that I wouldn’t have to go 1 for 1 on the steel and there was enough movement that they should have been a wash.

I didn’t wear a costume, but already planning my costume for next year.  I am thinking something like a Care Bear as everyone knows that it fits my personality perfectly all warm and fuzzy.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I finished the match in 3rd place in WDCN and 8th Overall. If I had worn a costume I would have finished in 2nd place WDCN and I think if I did the math right 2nd place overall.  But placement doesn’t matter in a match like this, just wanted to have fun which I did.

Stage 1 (not on the video because Timmy sucks)
Start with an AK-47 in hand with 3 blanks loaded in the rifle, shoot three balloons that were just in front of you.  The last from the blanks would cause them to break, and for each balloon that broke or was blown off the post you got -2 seconds.  So all three was -6 seconds down for the stage.  I popped all three balloons and threw the AK in the trash barrel where it belongs and ran to retrieve my pistol.  Everything was close, so I started shooting but didn’t really see the dot and ended up missing one of the targets just outside of the scoring zone.  I also did not go 1 for 1 on the plates.  With the -6 seconds in bonuses, and the +5 for the miss my final time was 13.81 seconds.  8th place in CNWD, and 32nd overall.

Stage 2
Start holding a zombie body and on the start signal throw the zombie body in the incinerator (barrel).  I activated the swingers immediately, and retrieved my firearm.  Didn’t feel too bad of a stage, but I again didn’t go 1 for 1 on the steel which chewed up my time.  18.61 seconds.  5th in CNWD and 11th overall.

Stage 3 
Standing on swinging bridge, draw and shoot.  I am tall enough that I was able to just do a few leans to engage everything instead of moving forward to get the last target on the other side of a wall which caused a lot of people to miss on that target as the bridge would move.  Stage win in CNWD and 5th overall.

Stage 4
Throw a zombie head at a pepper popper and if it went down it was -2 seconds.  I knocked it down so I got the bonus and retrieved my gun and a spare mag off the table.  I stowed the mag in a pouch and shot as much as I could from the back of the shooting area, and then ran forward while reloading to shoot the last bit.  I didn’t program the stage very well, so my transitions were garbage and there was a lot of hesitation.

Stage 5
Start with hands on the back of a truck cab, and upon the start retrieve the gun from the barrel and go to work.  Everything felt pretty good and when I got to the second array I blasted it really fast and I felt the shot on the second target was a miss, but I was already leaving the array so I just kept going.  Then a bit slow on the getting on target for the next array.  I moved and reloaded which felt slower than molasses in a South Dakota winter, it really wasn’t that bad, but it was not good.  Finished it up fine.  19.91 seconds +5 seconds for the miss so my final time was 24.91 seconds.

Stage 6
Start was standing behind a barrel with a red/black coin in cup that is upside down.  Upon the start remove the cup and whatever color is showing corresponds to 2 plates at the end of the stage.  -5 seconds if you shot the one that matches the color.  I smacked the cup a bit too hard and the coin went with it.  When it finally landed it was red.  I ran the stage to my plan, and it was okay but it could have been faster.  21.29 seconds with -5 second bonus came to a 16.29 second total time.  4th in WDCN and 10th overall.

Stage 7
Started with a can cannon to shoot a plate, -4 seconds to hit the plate.  Retrieved my gun, and blazed through the stage as fast as I could.  Most of the shots were head shots only, but close.  I shot them as fast as I could, but the headshots slowed me down a bit as I didn’t want to miss.  It was a fun stage.  I loved the can cannon.  12.59 seconds, -4 seconds for the plate and a 8.59 total time.  2nd in WDCN, and 8th overall.

I enjoyed the match, had fun with Timmy and Josh and I am glad I went.  Welcome distraction from the soul sucking world that is my job.  Still think I would have done a bit better with my Shadow and iron sights, but that is because I have more time behind the gun than with the Sig.


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