Month: November 2016

Thinking about the 2017 Singlestack Nationals

I don’t have a slot so I would have to try for open entry. I need some 8 round magazines as I only have 7 rounders, another go fast belt and some pouches. It wouldn’t be super cheap, but not that bad for cash for the wife and I either.

The only 1911 I have to shoot in Singlestack is this blaster.


It is a Kimber Classic Custom and it is pre-series 2. It is pretty old, it is the basic model and it cost me $530. I have had to replace the factory ignition parts, and a few other things, but it is a solid gun. I used to shoot USPSA with it a 8-9 years back? Not positive on the dates but I only had 7 round mags for the gun, so I wasn’t as competitive I could be. I strapped it on with some generic pouches, and my reloads were pretty sporty and smooth. With the amount of dry fire I could do with it before the match would make them butter.