Killing zombies with carry optics

Going to shoot the Omaha zombies match at the end of the month and I have decided to shoot it with my carry optics blaster.  Sig P320RX that has a silicone carbided grip, and that is about it!  No trigger work other than some polishing.

Signed up for the match and I am shooting the Walking Dead: Clan Negan division.  I will be laying waste to all targets, both shoot and no shoot must go down!  Don’t have to run 10 round mags like at a normal match they can be fully loaded.  I do have some Springer Precision base pads on the way for the gun, but that is more to add length to the mag and allow me to index it better as I am used to a longer magazine like my CZ magazines.


While I never really gave a crap about the Carry Optics division, I have to say I really, really like this gun.  So much in fact that my duty Smith and Wesson M&P is going to get replaced with a full size Sig p320 with iron sights only.  Why not have the dot on a duty weapon?  I still think for me at close range, I am faster with iron sights than the dot.  I also don’t think that dots are ready for duty yet.  Also I live in South Dakota, warm patrol vehicle, cold outdoors, as soon as I step outside in the winter the lens is going to fog up like crazy and make the dot and the iron sights useless.  I will play with it some this winter and see if it is as bad as I think it will be.

Looking forward to the match I can’t wait to get out and shoot with some other people again!

Sitting pretty with primers and powder for the winter, will still buy more when I can though.  I have 11k of Federal Small Pistol for matches and just under 20k Winchester Small Pistol for practice, had more but already loaded 2k with them.  Going to have to buy some more bullets though but those are easy to find.


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