Month: October 2016

Killing zombies with carry optics

Going to shoot the Omaha zombies match at the end of the month and I have decided to shoot it with my carry optics blaster.  Sig P320RX that has a silicone carbided grip, and that is about it!  No trigger work other than some polishing.

Signed up for the match and I am shooting the Walking Dead: Clan Negan division.  I will be laying waste to all targets, both shoot and no shoot must go down!  Don’t have to run 10 round mags like at a normal match they can be fully loaded.  I do have some Springer Precision base pads on the way for the gun, but that is more to add length to the mag and allow me to index it better as I am used to a longer magazine like my CZ magazines.




Strong hand only

Fighting a sudden and abrupt case of tennis elbow in my left arm. Just needs some rest and ibuprofen. Didn’t want to miss my weekly practice session, but as I couldn’t really use my left arm for establishing a two handed grip with out aggravating it, it was strong hand only day!

Took the Sig P320 RX and the Shadow. Spent most of my time with Sig P320 as I wanted to see if the red dot would make it easier to shoot, especially with only one hand. And I can say not really. I shoot my Shadow a little bit better SHO, maybe the weight of the gun compared to the Sig helps, most likely the trigger!

Windy as hell so I pulled my pickup to the 20 yard line to act as a windbreak, worked okay and helped steady the gun, but I could tell the dot was moving around a bunch more than it does when it calm.  Shot singles, doubles, Bill drills from the 20 yard line for a couple hundred rounds. My buddy Mike showed up and brought his new H&K VP9 with him and he wanted to function test it, so he shot a couple hundred rounds through it.

While he was doing that I loaded up and also went to the 7 yd line and shot some singles on individual pasters. I then fired up the timer and shot a couple of Bill drills at and was pleasantly surprised at the times which were not far off of 2 handed.

Shot some steel with the Sig and then put it away and shot a mag with my Shadow on steel which gave me faster times and better hits.  Easier to shoot for me.  The Sig needs a better trigger, waiting patiently for the Gray Guns drop in kit.

Mike pulled out his H&K 45 Compact that he put in a threaded barrel and bought a can for it. Fun, quiet and messy.  Dry you still get some powder and crap back into your face; wet you that plus some water, but it is freaky quiet!

Today I learned my trigger control SHO needs some work, and once my weak arm improves I will have to work with WHO a lot.Currently I am shooting okay hits at the speed I am running the gun, but I need to clean up the trigger control a bit more. I am too tense, and try to control the recoil too much, I just need to grip and shoot. Working it more in dry fire and with the dot, I can see exactly what is happening with the gun when I press the trigger. I do have pre-ignition push to the down and left but it is rare. I also have a crap trigger press where I push the trigger with 20 pounds of trigger weight causing it to hit the frame and jolt the gun. Smoothing that out by doing 20 yard Bill drills helps a lot, both in live and dry fire.

Back to work tomorrow through Sunday. Next week I work every day of the week. Then Hobo week, boo!