USPSA Production Nationals

Had a crap load of fun, shot with a great squad, weather was hot and sticky for two days, and just hot on the final day.

First day, I shot stages 18, 19 and then 14 through 17.  I had some problems on going 1 for 1 on steel for the first 2 stages.  Some standing reloads and they made my times slow on each stage.  After that I found my stride and finished day 1 decently.  The first two stages I was 130th and 190th out of all shooters, the rest of the stages for day one were 31st, 77th, 62nd, and 50th.

Day 2 was good, lots of shorter stages that I felt I performed well on. Shot 6, 7, 8, then 1 through 5.  My placement on each stage was 71st, 113th, 50th, 29th, 66th, 57th, 66th and 30th. After day 2, I had no penalties.

Day 3 is where the wheels fell off.  Started on stage 12 where one of the first targets I shot, I tagged a no shoot just below the perforation and I didn’t call it and make it up, no shoot/mike.  I got to the end of the stage and saw that I still had a steel target standing as I was dropping the magazine to unload and show clear, so I shot it strong hand only and dropped it.  This added about 3 seconds to the stage. 241st on that stage.

Next was the dark house stage 13, and I just shot it to slow.  Should have been able to burn it quicker as it was open targets and close, but didn’t and it cost me and I placed 124th.

Moved to stage 9 which was my best of the day at 30th place.  Then stage 10 was just slow, with 2 deltas and I placed 109th.  We hit the chrono and I chrono’ed at 133 power factor.

Last stage was a decent time, but target three I again didn’t call a no shoot that was just below the perforation and after an overlay was used I didn’t get the hit, so another no shoot/mike.

I am not sure what happened on day 3.  I wasn’t calling my shots as well I I normally do, and it cost me.  I was in the running for 1st place A class, but my penalties dropped me to 5th place A Class and 69th place overall.  I did the math and if I didn’t shoot the penalties and didn’t add the extra 3 seconds from trying to unload and show clear without ensuring the final targets were shot, I would have taken 1st A class.  Oh well, you live and learn.

Accu-Shadow ran great, ammo was perfect, and I had no issues with malfunctions.  Ammo loaded with the Mark 7 and the 1050 is amazingly consistent.

I won a certificate for a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm from the prize table which happened before the match even started.  When you registered you got to take a raffle ticket and then go into the next room where they matched the ticket to a prize bundle.  Also got some Magpul P-Mags for the AR and a box of American Eagle Syn-tech 9mm.

Great squad with 2 GM’s another 2 A class shooters, a couple B class shooters and a new female shooter that was dead last at the match, but she was there to learn and shoot with her boyfriend.  Everyone helped out on stage strategies and it was a friendly bunch.  I ended up shooting the match better than everyone on the squad, which was cool.

On the way home, I made a detour to Cabelas where I picked up a Sig P320 RX with the Sig Romeo 1 red dot sight.  The Carry Optics Nationals was my travel home day, and I wish I would have stayed to shoot that match as it would have been fun.  So maybe next year.  I don’t really care about Carry Optics, but for the price I couldn’t say no, and it will allow me to learn with a dot on the gun at a price cheaper than an open gun.

I leave Thursday for Area 5 in Lodi, Wisconsin and then return Saturday, and I will shoot the club match which will be the last match of the year for me as I will have to work on September 4.



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