Match Review – 2016 Area 3 Championship

I shot slow.  A lot of alphas, could have probably shot some more charlies and moved quicker and placed higher.

Started on stage 6, right after it downpoured.  I started and moved slow, I was worried about slipping and breaking the 180 and DQing so I really didn’t push it.  Even when I moved up on to the platform I still felt my foot slip, this kind of set the pace for me for the entire match.

My best stage was stage 3 which had the swingers that were behind the wall and only had the heads and the top couple inches of the body visible when it went by.  I took 5th in Production on this stage, and I am guessing that a lot of people must have screwed the stage up.  I just shot it and it was good.  Pretty happy with it as I didn’t get to walk through the stage before the 5 minute walkthrough, so it was a quick burn in and go.

Only shot 2 mikes throughout the match, but that is because I was in too much of an accuracy mode, which maybe a good thing for Production Nationals as there are a lot of partial targets, but not for Area 3 which did not have any no shoots and required you to haul ass if you wanted to place well.

Learned a lot from the match, but above all I had fun.  I got to hang out with a great squad of people from Sioux Falls Practical Shooters.  Everyone pasted and reset with no issues, and no one got DQed.

Next week is Production Nationals, so I will be training on Monday and Tuesday and Carla and I are leaving on Wednesday and I shoot on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We will return on Sunday and then I work 2 days and then off to Area 5.  Busy couple of weeks.

I did finally replace my shooting glasses with some new glasses, and I have a new pair of Speedcross 3’s that arrive on Monday.  Will be nice to have some new shoes with some grip to them.



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