Month: August 2016

1.5 years with CZ’s

I have run CZ SP-01 Shadows in USPSA Production division for a year and a half now and here are my thoughts and a comparison to other firearms.

If you have been following my blog you may already know that my primary match gun is a CZ Custom SP-01 Accu-shadow with blue Shooting Sports Innovation Scale grips that I have nicknamed “Blue”, and my dryfire/practice/backup gun is a standard CZ SP-01 Shadow that I did the work to and it has the same SSI Scale grips in red, nicknamed “Red”.

The only changes that I have done to Blue to improve on upon what CZ Custom has done is some additional polishing to the trigger components, but the trigger work from CZ Custom was really good. I switched out the sights to a Dawson front sight and removed the HAJO rear and put in a factory Shadow sight. I also replaced the thumb safeties and slide stop with the RAMI style thin safties and stop as I don’t use the safety in Production division and my thumb sits much higher and doesn’t rest on the safety. I put in a heavier recoil spring, as I noticed some battering to the recoil guide rod with the 11 pound that came with the gun, so it currently runs a 12 pound. Blue currently runs an 11.5 pound mainspring from Cajun Gun Works which is another reason for upping the recoil spring weight. Current double action weight is 5.5 pounds and the single action weight is 2.0 pounds.  (more…)


2016 Area 5 Championship

I shot the Area 5 Championship in a one day format which is the first time I have done that. It was also my last major match of the year for me which just sucks, stupid work getting in the way.

I arrived the day before and I got into town really early, so luckily my hotel let me check in so I unpacked the truck and took a nap. At about 5 was at the range and walking the stages. I ran into two members of my squad Casey Reed and Krystal Dunn (they are quite fun to hang with) and walked the stages with them. I found that the stages were well constructed and had a lot of longer shots and lots of partials or hard cover targets. Some swingers, some drop turners, a couple clamshells, and a mover. The stages were a mix of short, medium and long field courses, and while they didn’t have the track and field nature that Sherwyn’s stages at Area 3 have, there were still a couple that required you to move some distance. (more…)

USPSA Production Nationals

Had a crap load of fun, shot with a great squad, weather was hot and sticky for two days, and just hot on the final day.

First day, I shot stages 18, 19 and then 14 through 17.  I had some problems on going 1 for 1 on steel for the first 2 stages.  Some standing reloads and they made my times slow on each stage.  After that I found my stride and finished day 1 decently.  The first two stages I was 130th and 190th out of all shooters, the rest of the stages for day one were 31st, 77th, 62nd, and 50th.

Day 2 was good, lots of shorter stages that I felt I performed well on. Shot 6, 7, 8, then 1 through 5.  My placement on each stage was 71st, 113th, 50th, 29th, 66th, 57th, 66th and 30th. After day 2, I had no penalties. (more…)

Match Review – 2016 Area 3 Championship

I shot slow.  A lot of alphas, could have probably shot some more charlies and moved quicker and placed higher.

Started on stage 6, right after it downpoured.  I started and moved slow, I was worried about slipping and breaking the 180 and DQing so I really didn’t push it.  Even when I moved up on to the platform I still felt my foot slip, this kind of set the pace for me for the entire match.

My best stage was stage 3 which had the swingers that were behind the wall and only had the heads and the top couple inches of the body visible when it went by.  I took 5th in Production on this stage, and I am guessing that a lot of people must have screwed the stage up.  I just shot it and it was good.  Pretty happy with it as I didn’t get to walk through the stage before the 5 minute walkthrough, so it was a quick burn in and go.

Only shot 2 mikes throughout the match, but that is because I was in too much of an accuracy mode, which maybe a good thing for Production Nationals as there are a lot of partial targets, but not for Area 3 which did not have any no shoots and required you to haul ass if you wanted to place well.

Learned a lot from the match, but above all I had fun.  I got to hang out with a great squad of people from Sioux Falls Practical Shooters.  Everyone pasted and reset with no issues, and no one got DQed.

Next week is Production Nationals, so I will be training on Monday and Tuesday and Carla and I are leaving on Wednesday and I shoot on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We will return on Sunday and then I work 2 days and then off to Area 5.  Busy couple of weeks.

I did finally replace my shooting glasses with some new glasses, and I have a new pair of Speedcross 3’s that arrive on Monday.  Will be nice to have some new shoes with some grip to them.