Up with the chickens

What do you do when it is 4am and you are awake because you are excited for Area 3? Get your ass out of bed and do some dry-fire!

I was up with the chickens this morning thinking about Area 3 and the things I need to do before I go.  So I made a short list:

  1. Clean the extractors and extractor channel of both Red and Blue
  2. Clean barrels and chambers of Red and Blue
  3. Lube Red and Blue

Pretty simple, but that is how I roll.

I then hit the dry-fire dojo to do a little pretend pew pew.  Not going to get any better in a weeks time, so I dryfired in match mode.  A zone hits, good consistent runs that were repeatable and smooth but fast.  My hands are getting a bit torn up from the new silicon carbide that I added to my grips so I can’t go too hard in dryfire if I want my hands to not be a bloody mess at Area 3, but they are starting to callous up nicely and will be ready for the match.  I love the aggressiveness of the grips, my hands lock in so much better yet still not the cheese graters that Bennett has on his Open gun.  Amazing what you can do with some JB Weld and some grit I ordered from Keystone, SD.


Tonight when I get home, I have to mow the lawn and then I have to empty out the brass and bullet feeders on the 1050 and remove the powder measure and empty that.  Tuesday when I come home from work my Mark 7 Autodrive should be here as it is scheduled for delivery and it is currently enroute from Minneapolis to the local hub.  Yippie!

The burnout is gone, taking a week off to relax and focus on other stuff has made me hungry again.  I know that there is nothing I can do to to make massive speed gains in the next week or two, so I will be focusing on consistency and good hits.  Just shoot to my current level of skill and enjoy myself.

This weekend Area 3, then I spend a week on the range training officers, and a club match that next weekend.  I will have Monday and Tuesday, August 8th and 9th for a couple of training days for Nationals.  I leave for Nationals on August 10th, and I shoot the 11th, 12th and 13th.  I come home the 14th, and work the 15th and 16th, then off to Lodi, Wisconsin for Area 5, and shoot the club match on August 21st in Sioux Falls.  Last club match of the year is September 4th, which I should be able to shoot and then the match season is over for me, which kinda sucks.  Maybe I will have to try to hit up a match in Omaha or Fargo, depends on my schedule for work.



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