Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 17 July 2016

No video, I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t bring my GoPro and I didn’t ask anyone to record my runs.  Woke up cranky and feeling burned out of life in general, which translated into not really that excited for the match.  I had considered strongly just skipping the match, but in the end I was happy I went even though I felt like crap physically and mentally.

Arrived early to test out my new loads over the chronograph (Thanks Timmy), and I believe that 3.8 grains behind the 124 grain bullets will be over 130 power factor to give me plenty of cushion.

Did my walk-throughs and came up with a basic plan for each stage, but as I really didn’t care I didn’t program as well as I should.  I decided just to shoot the gun, and what happened is what happened.

Stage 5
26 – A
4 – C
2 – M
1 – Failure to engage
21.21 seconds
5.28052 hit factor

This is what happens when you just don’t care. I shot it fast, I shot good points, but I forgot the very last target as it was low in the array and covered by a no shoot. As I didn’t focus on my programming I just plain forgot it, and it really didn’t matter to me. I still ended up in 2nd place Production division on the stage. Out of curiosity I went into Practiscore when I got home, and changed it to 2 alphas and added a second to my time. Would have moved me up to 6th Overall just behind Randy by .2% or so. Oh well.

Stage 1
15 – A
3 – C
9/9 steel
20.97 seconds
6.1516 hit factor

Three seconds slower than the stage winner and an Open Master. I ended up 3rd overall, with the top two shooters being Open shooters. I just came up with a simple plan, drew the gun, shot the targets with the appropriate sight picture and trigger press and it worked out. Texas Star needed a makeup shot or two, and my movement could have been a bit better, but in all a decent stage.

Stage 2
17 – A
3 – C
2 – NPM
5/5 steel
21.63 seconds
5.5016 hit factor

At the last minute I decided to forgo shooting the disappearing swinger as I was curious what would happen as I have never done it before. It worked out, but I don’t think it really saved me much on this stage in Production division. A slight alteration of my stage plan would have allowed me to activate the swinger, shoot another target and then the swinger without effecting the overall time, but it was interesting to see. Time would have been a little faster if I wouldn’t have bobbled the hell out of my last reload. Movement was also slow and I really didn’t focus on my positions I just ran to a general area. Also shot a target one handed on the move at close range as I was already reaching for a mag to reload with. That would have been funny to have on video.

Stage 3
12 – A
1 – B
5 – C
18/18 steel
33.32 seconds
5.0420 hit factor

3 shots on paper and reloads off the tables plus 3 plate racks made for a really interesting stage for Production and Single Stack shooters, just glad there wasn’t a revolver shooter at the match! Unloaded start was okay, shot two paper and did a reload and intended to shoot the rack and then another paper target for a total of 9 rounds, but I had a couple of make up shots and had to reload a bit sooner than intended. The next two racks I shot clean and my reloads were decent. Ended up being 12.5 seconds faster than the 2nd place Production shooter. Took 6th overall on the stage, beating all the Limited class guys, and only losing to the Open shooters. Funny thing was I shot the racks with target focus and could see my sights aligned well enough for the shot so I didn’t have to hard focus on the sights.

Stage 4
19 – A
5 – C
4/4 steel
20.34 seconds
6.3913 hit factor

This was on the stage I called “The Slough” due to the standing water and mud from the storm the night before. Everything was close and easy except for 2 paper targets and the 4 mini-poppers at about 15-20 yards. I would have been a bit faster on the stage if I would have been able to get settled a bit better on the very last array to hit the first popper, seemed like it took forever to get an acceptable sight picture. This stage was a 180 trap so I went a bit slower to avoid a trip to the Diary Queen. Also my draw was a bit sloppy.

Final Thoughts
I had a headache the entire time, which finally cleared out the next day around 10 am. I forgot a ball cap, so I was constantly wiping the sweat from myself. But my mags were dropping free like they were supposed, when I did my part and pushed the button. Shooting felt good, with good hits and the sights were tracking well. Reloads were not bad, and draw was decent except for stage 4. Movement still needs work, but I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I could have.

Glad I went as I got to talk to Timmy, but I am going to take most of this week off from doing anything shooting related other than loading ammo, and silicon carbiding my grips as I need a break. Area 3 is in 2 weeks and I don’t want to be burnt out, so I am just going to relax this week and pick back up next Monday with the dry-fire and maybe hit the range Wednesday the 27th after work for a short practice session.


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