Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 3 July 2016

Fun match with a bunch of awesome stages, I really liked them.  Most had some variety on how you could attack the stage I just wish the bays were a bit bigger so allow for longer shots as most of them seemed close and fast.  There were some partials and hard cover targets, but they weren’t that challenging due to the distance.  The only two bays that you can really push the range are 2, 3, and 4 but it was setup for more run and gun.

Started on stage 5 which was a classifier, always a good time.

Stage 5 – CM99-13 Quicky II
13 – A
10 – C
1 – D
15.12 seconds
6.3492 hit factor
81% nationally

Good speed, but I didn’t get a great grip on the weak hand only and slung quite a few C’s and a D.  This cost me.  Should have taken a bit more time on the transfer to weak hand to ensure a strong consistent performance.

Stage 6
6 – A
2 – C
2 – Procedurals
5.02 seconds
3.9873 hit factor

Stayed loaded hot and moved straight to the speed shoot, which was Virginia count. On the swinger I shot three rounds like an idiot and hit the target which gave me 20 points in Procedurals and tanked my placement on the stage would have been third overall, instead I was 23rd overall.

Stage 1
29 – A
2 – C
1 – D
25.44 seconds
5.9748 hit factor

It was a bit of a memory stage, but not the worst I have seen.  I didn’t spend as much time programming as I should have, but it worked out in the end as I was 3rd overall.  There was a slight bobble, when I should have transitioned to some steel on the right side of the course, and instead I went to some paper on the opposite side that I was going to shoot after the steel.  I still remembered the steel, it just made the transitions long and slow.

Stage 2
27 – A
1 – B
3 – C
1 – D
22.83 seconds
6.4827 hit factor

This was another great stage for me, I came in second overall, just behind two open shooters and beating a Master Open shooter.  I just moved through the course as fluid as I could, and shot a couple targets on the move, but I made sure that I called my shots on the targets.  I also ended up with a standing reload that I planned out, as it saved me from having to do another reload later.  I did it with 3 reloads, where all the Production guys I saw did 4.

Stage 3
23 – A
5 – C
1 – D
17.81 seconds
7.3554 hit factor

Hoser stage that I could have shot a couple seconds faster if I didn’t have the makeups on the poppers, and if I didn’t pooch the second reload.  One of the targets at about 1 yard away only had one hole, the RO called it a double based on the overlay, but I would have understood if they called a miss as it was an almost perfect double. I reviewed the video later and confirmed from my GoPro that it was definitely a double and not a miss.

Stage 4
25 – A
5 – C
1 – D
22.99 seconds
6.1331 hit factor

Another hoser stage.  It had some partials but they really didn’t matter, as the A zone was almost 70% on each, only one was a tight shot with only the top 40% of the A-zone available.  I just moved as fast as I could make hits.  I should have shot the last array different though.  The previous squads recommended to shoot the popper, the drop turner, the swinger (which was crazy slow) and finish with the open static paper.  I should have hit the popper and then the paper, to the drop turner and finish with the swinger, as I believe I had plenty of time.  I had to wait forever for the drop turner.

Final Thoughts:

I tried to turn up the speed for the match and shot a couple more delta’s.  Other than my Procedurals on the speed shoot I was happy with it.  I still need to work on reloads, and calling my shots on steel.


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